Northeastern University College Confidential

The northeastern university college confidential has shared the results of a scientific research which portrayed the current situation regarding the relation between college graduates and the workforce. The idea was to take a closer look at the current situation and see if choosing a specific career affected potential job opportunities and income. to the current situation and see if choosing a specific career affected potential job opportunities and income.

The study found that there is a high unemployment range in the U.S. due to the recession. Thus, majors as architecture had the highest rate of lack of employment (about 14%). Then, the next major to have a high number of not employed graduates is Arts with a 10%.   

Mark Waring, who is a fourth-year architecture student at Northeastern University in Boston said that he is optimistic but also worried about his future. He claimed that even though it is a very dark situation, there is a light at the end. He is looking forward for a turn in events on the economy, thus architecture will have better numbers. Regarding the same subject, Mary Smith, Arts student, explained that she always knew that Arts is a very difficult field to find a job. However, she is worried about the situation. 

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