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BOOK DISCOUNT – to directly benefit surgery costs, as well as for CCW information. Y’all wanna read this.

The Armed Traveler has offered to sell his collaborative book via his website at a discount to anyone who wishes to have a copy. The details can be found on the website as well as below, but it’s basically a travel guide for gun owners to know when they’re safe to have their gun on […]

My thoughts (all of them) on the Boston Bombing, because I need to get this out.

First of all, I would like to say that I’m just as pissed as many of my friends that this happened, that I would like to see the living brother tortured for the rest of his days for what he took part in. My anger is real, it’s strong, and it’s not going away anytime […]

Call and response.

Someone who used to be a very dear friend of mine posted the following in a public forum, this morning (I broke it up because it was a giant wall of text…I guess for impact purposes):

Last night I was down in the city with my fiance and his mother and stepdad, who are visiting […]

And therein lies the paradox – Guns, Kids, and Safety

A friend of mine lives with her family in the western part of Missouri, and she’s recently gotten her own website in order to blog – and she does, as prolifically as I did when I first started.

She posted today in response to a news story out of St. Louis, wherein a 7-year-old girl […]