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Surgery update…now with 100% more flatulence.

I went to my colonoscopy consult, today.  I was afraid he was going to want to do another physical exam, but he said, “Nah, we’re going to be getting up-close-and-personal with you soon using a camera tube, so we’ll let you go without, today.”  At least…he has a sense of…humor?

I will update you on [...]

Perfect menstrual metaphor. PERFECT.

This was originally a photo/screen-shot, but I’m going to type it out as a quote – attributed to someone called “robotsquid” on Tumblr, we have the following description of what a period is like for most women (yes, even those whose periods are relatively tame):

Seriously though your period is like coming home one day [...]

Lyme Update! WHARRGARRBL. It’s been a bit.

I went to my Lyme doc, today.

I basically begged him to switch my meds, for two reasons:  the doxy makes me puke, and the metronidazole gives me an accent.

He pointed out that changing my abx would “throw the Lyme off,” which is honestly true, from what I understand, so I’m basically going to [...]

Lyme Journal – General Update

The last update I made was at the end of June, and honestly, I was having trouble keeping up with a daily journal, because some things stay the same, but when things change, they do so quickly and then go back, so I forget about them if I don’t have a notebook handy, and I [...]

Okay, guys and gals, here’s the first surgery update. There will be much more to come.

First, I would like to give a big ol’ shout-out to Dr. Dan Martin of UT Medical Group.  He’s one of the best doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, particularly in regards to something so unpleasant, and every step of the way, he’s listened to me – this doesn’t mean he’s agreed [...]

Surgery photos!

I’m putting them under a cut, because I know not everyone wants to look at them, but I find them ridiculously fascinating, and I know there are family members and friends who’ve been wanting to see them, so here you go!

There is little to no blood in any of these.  They’re just…organs and scar [...]

Hectare of trouble. And surgery announcements.

I don’t even know where to begin on the past several days.  I should note that my mother broke a vertebra in her lumbar spine, so the bad luck hasn’t just been hanging around my door.  (She’s okay, BTW – just needs to rest so it can mend, but she’s getting a bone scan Monday, [...]

So, so, so close.

You guys, I’m $110 away from my base goal that would allow me enough “extra” money to get my uber-Lyme test (which is $800, all-told).  That’s taking into account the PayPal “tax,” too.

Frankly, I’m shocked that I’m that close, but considering I have a certain self-proclaimed “annoying little sister” spreading the word, and have [...]

Humbling myself and asking for help…please share if you’d like.

I went to the gynecologist, today, expecting another ultrasound, as I mentioned last night/this morning.  I got a brief physical exam, a talk that caused me to get frustrated, and then an equally-frustrated doctor referred me to a surgeon for exploratory/corrective surgery via laparoscopy.

They can’t figure out what’s wrong with my uterus without poking [...]

So, here’s another health update in vlog form.

I’m posting these here because I want my readers to know what’s going on, but I can’t quite put this stuff into writing, somehow. I don’t do a really good job talking about it, necessarily, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to make a video than it is to type a novella and [...]