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A serious post – good news, goals, etc.

I do these every so often, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but this time it just so happens that this is falling on the first day of 2013.

First, let’s have some good news, shall we? I have a bathroom scale from waaaay back when, which measures weight […]

My cats and their toes.

Sophie, as you may recall, is staying in the other bedroom with Forrest right now, since she likes to climb all over my head while I’m sleeping, and I have enough trouble with sleep as it is. She’s been thriving in the other room, as it’s smaller, has more places to hide, and her food […]

R.I.P., Dammit

rip dammit

To those who commented, donated, prayed, texted, IM’d, messaged, called, emailed, and showed support in various ways, I thank you.

Forrest and I made it up here around 10am. Dammit was hiding under my mom’s bed, and his meow sounded…wrong. It’s hard to describe. I managed to get him out to hold him, and […]

Dammit is in his final days.

Asking for help, one last time:

It’s pretty certain that Dammit isn’t going to recover, at this point. He’s crashed, after a few days of ups and downs, and we’re leaving as soon as possible (without skipping work, with neither of us can do, tomorrow) for St. Louis…either really late tomorrow night or really early […]

Dammit Update

After scaring the shit out of both my mother and myself (vicariously, since I’m not there), Dammit appears to be more comfortable.

He’s receiving 180cc of subcutaneous fluids at a time (he gets man-boobs for a couple of hours, afterward, which I find hilarious), is on Pepcid to try to calm his stomach so he […]

R.I.P., Mr. Ratterson.

Johnny Walker Jagermeister Wild Turkey Hood-Rat [Burgette] was euthanized this morning at approximately 10:30.

He began to become lethargic a couple of days ago, not doing his usual song and dance for treats. By 6:30pm yesterday, he hadn’t eaten any food for a day, and he was gasping for air. Forrest and I spent the […]

Uh, yeah, so about that…

After making that post last night, I was kind of despondent.

I had a minor emotional breakdown, then had seizures for an unknown period of time (20 minutes? there were breaks in between, and Forrest was monitoring me), and then had insomnia so badly I couldn’t get to sleep until around 10am today.

I woke […]

So this is pretty much what I hate about Memphis.

The Memphis Animal Shelter got into trouble recently for basically being a scuddy hole that just happened to have animals in it.

The animals weren’t cared for, the facilities were disgusting, and in the dead heat of summer, there was no shade and inadequate water for the outside dogs. In the winter? No shelter of […]

Life comes at you fast…

…and Allstate isn’t exactly the solution to everything.

Things have been a little rough around here as of late.

I’m still working on the GPal thing, and actually have a few people who have the same idea (to create an informative web site so others aren’t affected until GPal can get their shit straight), and […]

I’m a human cat prop.

When I’m at home, I like to lounge in my big, squishy, green leather chair. The back is so low that I slouch quite a bit.

Because of my recently-acquired higher instance of body fat (and my huge boobs), the cats like to use me as a bed.

Sophie, in particular, likes to use me […]