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How to Recognize Physical Abuse in Your Relationship [UPDATED]

I said I would follow up that last post about emotional and mental abuse with one about physical abuse, so here it is.

It’s definitely more cut-and-dried, but with the added challenge of trying to spot it in other people, this may also end up being a lengthy post, so buckle up.

Before I begin, […]

Types of Abuse and How to Spot Them [UPDATED]

While this post was inspired by, yet again, the situation that inspired THIS post, (situation described here in the decorum post, which has been restored to it’s original self, because honestly? fuck the person trying to censor me), it’s actually a post I’ve been trying to write for four years – since my marriage ended […]


It’s taken me a while to really connect with this sentence on more than a superficial level, and I think I’ve mentioned it in passing on that level, but lately, this has become apparent to the point of being ridiculous:

I have PTSD.

There’s no one source, no one event…it’s a culmination of how I […]

Thank you, again.

For the happy thoughts, the posts, the comments, the prayers, and the donations.


I’m getting used the idea of being on the table and still not knowing what in the hell the nodule is (which I’m naming after my ex-husband, because he was just as much of a pain in the ass), and possibly […]

My thoughts (all of them) on the Boston Bombing, because I need to get this out.

First of all, I would like to say that I’m just as pissed as many of my friends that this happened, that I would like to see the living brother tortured for the rest of his days for what he took part in. My anger is real, it’s strong, and it’s not going away anytime […]

Morbid curiosity + twisted sense of humor = therapy.

I have two external hard drives. On one, there is basically a history of my time since I began using the internet, continuing until I got divorced. On the other is my history since then. The first one is substantially more full, but only because there’s much more music on it, and so much less […]

Awww…how sweet!

[updated: Due to formatting issues, there are periods separating paragraphs. Something happened when I copied text from their blog to screw the formatting, and I don’t have time to fix it, so revel in my jerry-rigging for the time being.]

During my gun-blogging hiatus (basically, the past two years), I didn’t pay much attention to […]

[pretend there’s something witty or profound here]

Thanks for the comments on the last post, y’all. I appreciate them.

I realized something on the drive home tonight (I have a short distance to cover, but it takes a long time because it’s an oft-used “shortcut” street between two major roads – lots of thinking occurs at that time, is what I’m saying). […]

More updates! You’re excited! Yay!

I tend to go on and on when typing here, so I’ll try to keep this short, but that doesn’t always work, so…you know, bear with me.

FIRST, and most importantly (for my whole situation): I have an interview on Monday for a temp-to-perm job. It’s at a Macintosh repair place here in Memphis (lulz), […]

Update – good news, mostly.

My divorce decree was signed by a judge on 1/13/11. It will be “final” on Tuesday. I AM DIVORCED, FINALLY. With that signing came some money. I used a good bit to move, and to “pay” the people who helped me move. I was able to obtain a storage unit for the next two […]