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So I need permission to be concerned, now?

I have had people tell me to stop being dramatic, and stop being paranoid, when it comes to the weird-ass ways in which I get sick.

Over the past month, I’ve had a random cough that was only sometimes accompanied by a low-grade fever, and symptoms of the flu. The cough got bad enough over […]

Thanks, doofus, I didn’t think of that. (Post-endocrinologist post.)

I went to the new endocrinologist yesterday, got a bunch of blood drawn, and got the results, today.

For the record, I’ve gained nearly 15 pounds since October. I’d just quit Cytomel, a thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, and had my Lamictal increased (it can cause water retention – this is a thing I was aware […]

This feels like a step backwards… (health update)

Earlier this evening my muscles turned all jelly-like after I drove to get a prescription. I suspected blood sugar (this has happened several times), so I ate a peanut butter sandwich and some Halloween candy.

It didn’t get better after an hour, but Forrest had to go to work, so he suggested that I take […]

I am putting on a happy face.

When I see you, I am smiling. I am acting how you would expect a person to act in public.

I might have a bit of a limp, or walk stiffly, but I will reach out and shake your hand, or give you a hug, and express that I’m glad to meet/see you.

I will […]

Health Update! [superhero noises]

I don’t often update about health, here, any more, and it’s because I’m so damned tired.

I got a promotion, of sorts, at work. I’m the site editor, now, which means more work, but it’s varied, so I don’t mind. Other details aren’t really important, but I’m worn out.

I’m still on the original abx […]

It begins anew. Day 1.

I’m on Rifampin, Flagyl, and Tindamax.

I took my first dose of this new regimen (which, aside from the Tindamax, is the one I started on June 1, 2013 – how time flies…) at around noon, since I woke up kind of late.

Yesterday, my mom and I did some work around the yard, in […]


I went in for my Lyme appointment on Wednesday, just as a follow-up, and didn’t plan on talking about some of the bad physical things going on with me, lately, with my LLMD, because I didn’t think much of it – I figured it was summer, me being tired, and me being on Trazodone, again […]

MRI Forthcoming – Physical Therapy Happening

There has been so much going on that I felt like blog posts would be overwhelming, but I’m going to just focus on one thing at a time. Today’s post? Physical therapy.

I went to a pain clinic last Wednesday to be evaluated due to a pain I was getting in my lower pelvic region […]

Let’s be irresponsible about information, because that ALWAYS helps, right? Updated.

Okay, so. The IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) is notorious in the Lyme community for their stodgy view on Lyme, and, most notably, chronic Lyme.

Their argument for decades has been, “if there are no antibodies, a bacterial disease is no longer active; therefore, it no longer exists in the body.” That’s more of […]

Remission. Again. Hopefully for good.

The thing about Lyme treatment is that for a lot of folks, it’s never over. I will probably hear the word “remission” several more times.

HOWEVER, the symptoms that were basically blocking the road (the nerve damage in the legs, the muscle issues due to the nerve damage, and the vertiginous migraines) are being dealt […]