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Robert “Ethan” Saylor’s obituary and donation information.

Thanks to a commenter (Hunter) – his comment here) on this post about the man with Down’s (Robert) who was killed by off-duty deputies acting as theater security guards, I’ve learned that the death has been ruled a homicide, officially, but that they want to keep things in-house:

In the interest of full disclosure, Sheriff […]

I forgot how good it felt to be heard.

Thank you to Breda’s FacebookTM and to Uncle for sharing my post about Robert Saylor.

To everyone who’s shared this on Twitter, Facebook, etc. – I thank you, as well. So far, there have been 5 Tweets, 73 Facebook shares/comments (it counts both as a share, since it’s being discussed), and 2 shares on Google+, […]

Please pass this around. Make people aware. This should not happen, EVER.

A young man with Down’s syndrome in Maryland wanted to sit through another showing of a movie. Rather than either asking him to leave, or leaving him alone (seriously, he sits through another showing, what happens? It’s likely his companion would have gotten him out of there, anyway), the theater calls in some security guards […]