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My dental adventure. Told via Snapchat.

I was pretty damned nervous. I haven’t been in two years, I have a hole in one tooth, my molars feel all jagged…it’s just not a good situation in there, IMHO.

This was WEIRD. I had to hold a mirror in my mouth for those last four pictures. The first one, I just [...]

I am really sorry I haven’t been updating.

My left hand KILLS when I try to type for too long. I’m still not sure why…it’s mainly the pinky, and the position of my hands/arms doesn’t much matter.

Also, I seriously just keep forgetting to, because I’m stressed out and tired.

I dyed my hair (it’s purple with blue ends, because yep, I felt [...]

Well, I got a lot of mail the past two days!

Some of it was anonymous, because the senders didn’t include a note with their package, so if you’d like to own up to the Shepherd’s Tale/parasol combo, or the full copy of Rocksmith (because while I think I know who sent it, it arrived awfully quickly, with the cord included with the game), please do [...]

Have wheelchair, will travel.

Yep, I’m a cyborg, now.


After lamenting a bit about wheelchairs and having to get one, ZOMG WHERE WOULD I FIND ONE, etc., Farmgirl recommended Harbor Freight.

As far as I was concerned, Harbor Freight was a hardware store, so I was skeptical, but I looked online, and lo and behold, they have [...]

Can I gloat? Because a fun thing happened earlier.

Spicy Horse Games, the creators of two of my favorite games (“Alice: Madness Returns” and “Akaneiro: Demon Hunter”), has a Facebook page called “Alice: Otherlands” based on a game concept they were working on. Basically, it was that Alice would do a “Psychonauts” type thing where she would explore and “solve” other people’s “wonderland” issues.


Here you go. A little graphic reminder of how my face can change in a single day. [updated with explanation]

Granted, the first one is a couple of months ago, but I didn’t feel like taking a photo of my face this morning. The second one is much more recent…from just before I chopped my hair off last month.


So apparently these photos need explanation, though I’m not sure why – they seem [...]

Corset for sale!

LADIES (and whatever guys may be interested for whatever reason) – **CORSET FOR SALE**

This is a Frederick’s of Hollywood corset, black, that I got on sale for $30+shipping, but I ordered the wrong size (large boobs = fail).

I’m asking $30 to recoup my costs, but it normally goes for $60. It’s good [...]

Surgery photos!

I’m putting them under a cut, because I know not everyone wants to look at them, but I find them ridiculously fascinating, and I know there are family members and friends who’ve been wanting to see them, so here you go!

There is little to no blood in any of these. They’re just…organs and scar [...]

A serious post – good news, goals, etc.

I do these every so often, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but this time it just so happens that this is falling on the first day of 2013.

First, let’s have some good news, shall we? I have a bathroom scale from waaaay back when, which measures weight [...]

Morbid curiosity + twisted sense of humor = therapy.

I have two external hard drives. On one, there is basically a history of my time since I began using the internet, continuing until I got divorced. On the other is my history since then. The first one is substantially more full, but only because there’s much more music on it, and so much less [...]