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Gun Blog Black List

And yet, I’m the “crazy” one.

My ability to protect myself with lethal force if necessary is so important to me that, despite needing some significant help right now, I’m loathe to seek it because I don’t want to be declared unfit by the state of TN.

I’m not suicidal, if I’m not homicidal, and it doesn’t matter. If I have [...]

Today was the day. Did the world end? Nope.

I mean, aside from the inclement weather, which is somehow only going to make temperatures stupidly low tomorrow. They’re just going to go back up on Tuesday, soooo…yeah. Some winter storm, as far as we’re concerned.

I started my regimen of Bactrim (BID) and Levaquin (once per day), and so far I feel nothing out [...]

Time to get reamed by healthcare! Lyme Patient Edition

I’m not going to talk about promises made, or private insurance for entrepreneurs and small business owners, or anything like that.

I’m going to talk about our particular plan, from Forrest’s place of business, and how we’re utterly screwed next year because of it. He works at a decent company that’s been fairly awesome about [...]

YGTBFKM, personal edition. (language warning – as if you didn’t see that coming)

[Before you read this: There are so many more people that have been awesome to me this year, and in years past, than there ever have been assholes. That may be why the assholes stand out so much. Being that they stand out, they annoy me greatly. If I've ever fussed at you, but I'm [...]

Just need to vent/have a whinge/wah wah wah WAHmbulance.

[I'm terribly sorry for the O GOD MY LIFE, but I promised myself I would record everything I could about my disease, and this is a legitimate part of it that I'm sure others can relate to...and since I've been told that my blog actually helped a couple of people (one person used it for [...]

You broke it, you bought it.

So Starbucks has said that they would like for gun owners to NOT carry in stores, any more. This is following one of the stupidest fights I’ve seen people get into in the 6-ish years I’ve been a part of the “gun owner” demographic.

From The Practical Tactical Podcast:

One internet poster said: “I never [...]

The importance of timing.

I don’t “do” 9/11 posts.

I think I’ve done a couple of posts on that day in the years since I’ve had my blog, and people have asked where I was when it happened, and at this point, it doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t in NYC, I didn’t know anyone in the towers, on the [...]

Lyme Journal. Not a happy one, sorry.

July has been a month of suck for me, in my personal life, in my family, and with my health.

I still can’t breathe, I went to the ER, they found nothing, my Lyme doc won’t call me back again, because, apparently “go to the ER” is the standard reply.

The fact that the ER [...]

Congratulations, [alma mater]! Here are five reasons why I will never attend your school, again!

Dear [alma mater] Career Services, specifically C. R. [edited from original Facebook post, because this is public - I'm airing a grievance, not trying to get someone fired]:

Sending an email entitled “Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.” and introducing that as an article/discussion point in the forum is a terrible [...]

Okay, y’all, I’m going to write about Paula Deen. Gird your loins.

Words can be powerful things. They can hurt, they can heal, they can create neutrality from chaos, and vice-versa.

They are also WORDS. Yes, some are borne from attitudes, and some are so freakin’ ignorant that you want to slap the speaker.

This young man and foodie, who’s a black jew (so, uh, yeah, he [...]