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How to Recognize Physical Abuse in Your Relationship [UPDATED]

I said I would follow up that last post about emotional and mental abuse with one about physical abuse, so here it is.

It’s definitely more cut-and-dried, but with the added challenge of trying to spot it in other people, this may also end up being a lengthy post, so buckle up.

Before I begin, […]

Types of Abuse and How to Spot Them [UPDATED]

While this post was inspired by, yet again, the situation that inspired THIS post, (situation described here in the decorum post, which has been restored to it’s original self, because honestly? fuck the person trying to censor me), it’s actually a post I’ve been trying to write for four years – since my marriage ended […]

Congratulations, [alma mater]! Here are five reasons why I will never attend your school, again!

Dear [alma mater] Career Services, specifically C. R. [edited from original Facebook post, because this is public – I’m airing a grievance, not trying to get someone fired]:

Sending an email entitled “Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.” and introducing that as an article/discussion point in the forum is a terrible […]

Lyme Disease Awareness Month! YAAAAAY!

Carrie did such a good job of pointing out the issues of Chronic Lyme, that I’m just going to link to her, using a quote at the end that is CRUCIAL for people to see:

That’s actually probably the major takeaway here. You do not want to mess around with Lyme. And anyone who is […]

Possible awesome.

An old high school friend that I’ve kept in touch with over the past few years through social media and public gatherings contacted me last week to let me know he had a business proposition.

Now, when someone says that, I instantly get suspicious, because you never know, they could be wanting you to help […]

YGTBKM – I’m about to get curse-tastic up in here.

I just learned from Breda’s Facebook (trademark pending) that there’s a New Jersey school implementing a “no cursing” rule for female students. The males, however, have simply been asked to abstain from cursing when females are near.

Allow me to quote from “The Birdcage”:

Val: “Are you upset?”

Armand: “…and let me tell you why.”


This is what my post-seizure self looks like.

Please watch this video.

This is why, when I say I can’t do something, I mean it.

This is what I deal with more frequently than anyone should.

I managed to get this on video through “luck” (timing, really), and as embarrassing as it is, I want people to see it and know what’s going […]

Grad school stuff. Exciting!

Tonight was orientation for the MAT program.

First, I wandered into the wrong room (along with half of the other folks who are aiming for MATs…we overheard room 117, so that’s where we went, but it turns out those were M.Ed’s who were asking…whoops…), but we got that straightened out, and began our discussion with […]

Oh, and also…

…I got my official acceptance email yesterday (Monday, basically) from the head of the Education Department letting me know that orientation is this coming Monday night for the MAT students.

So hopefully I get that grant, so I can actually pay for it.

Hooray for brick-n-mortar schooling at a place I’m familiar with, and with […]

Acceptance, and a weird kind of pressure.

So I’ve been unofficially accepted into the MAT program at CBU here in Memphis.

I sent in all of my application materials, had my letters of recommendation, transcripts, and essays submitted last week (I may be missing one for the BASE-TN grant, but I can find someone else to write one for me, if necessary), […]