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Butt/Face Twitter

I can’t imagine what Google is going to bring my way with a title like that…

I’m on Twitter, and I’m fairly active, most days, with a smallish group of folks that comprise the majority of my timeline. We don’t segregate ourselves or anything, we just get along really well, so we end up chatting […]

The beautiful disaster that I can’t write about for work.

Before I begin this epic adventure in writing, I want to point out a few things:

Without follow-up from any of the involved parties, this falls under the umbrella of “speculation.” Because there are details that were added to try to “legitimize” the claim, some of the folks named in this may not actually be […]

Fun with the pathology report!

I’m not going to try to cover all of it through typing, because that’s a lot of information and a lot of terminology that people either don’t care about, or just plain don’t know what it means. Hell – the only reason I could parse some of it was context clues (from it being, you […]

Fun with Android Voice-to-Text! (Jabberwocky edition!)

Typing on my tablet is a royal pain in the butt. I will often use the VtT function for emails, just because it’s easier.

Unfortunately for my normal emails, that often results in headdesk-worthy word switch-ups and some truly dubious-sounding sentence structure.

Fortunately for my sense of humor, anything not spoken in a slight Southern […]

Surgery update…now with 100% more flatulence.

I went to my colonoscopy consult, today. I was afraid he was going to want to do another physical exam, but he said, “Nah, we’re going to be getting up-close-and-personal with you soon using a camera tube, so we’ll let you go without, today.” At least…he has a sense of…humor?

I will update you on […]

Morbid curiosity + twisted sense of humor = therapy.

I have two external hard drives. On one, there is basically a history of my time since I began using the internet, continuing until I got divorced. On the other is my history since then. The first one is substantially more full, but only because there’s much more music on it, and so much less […]

Update your personal dictionaries!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE: Another piece of neologism straight from my mind and into your vocabulary! (See: “Wasband.”)

“Boobaliciousness” – A word describing the state of being in which one is either in possession of a very large pair of boobs, or a spectacular (no matter the size) pair of boobs. A nominalization of the […]

They finally printed a shirt with my occupation on it.

I’m very excited about this shirt. My right boob is trying to escape its confines.

I got this sucker from Bass Pro on the clearance rack with a gift card left over from Christmas. Fuck, yeah!

These G’s are covered. I’m going to redneck up the shirt a little more (I actually tied it […]

Awww…how sweet!

[updated: Due to formatting issues, there are periods separating paragraphs. Something happened when I copied text from their blog to screw the formatting, and I don’t have time to fix it, so revel in my jerry-rigging for the time being.]

During my gun-blogging hiatus (basically, the past two years), I didn’t pay much attention to […]

Oh, irony, how you sneak up in the unlikeliest of places…

In a bid to feel better all around, I began taking my multivitamins regularly several weeks ago, at night, with the rest of my medication. I figured that if I could remember my temazepam and ibuprofen and olive leaf extract (etc), I could remember a damned vitamin, and chances are good I’m probably anemic because […]