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Out of surgery!

They removed the polyp/granuloma/whatever, and apparently there WAS endometrium (or something that looked like it, anyway) right next to it, and both growths were removed and sent to the lab. I’ll have results next week (they should be entered into my chart, which I can now access online – technology is ridiculous, y’all).

My […]

Possible awesome.

An old high school friend that I’ve kept in touch with over the past few years through social media and public gatherings contacted me last week to let me know he had a business proposition.

Now, when someone says that, I instantly get suspicious, because you never know, they could be wanting you to help […]

So. Kids.

I did my first for-class-credit tutoring today.

I’m working at a charter school here in Memphis, two afternoons per week, for an hour an a half (or so, depending on what needs to be done afterward), and today I worked with third graders and fifth graders, in math.

We’re giving diagnostic tests this week to […]

Vlog #2 – Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting

Several days ago, my babysitting charge (Bean is her nickname, so she will henceforth be known by that moniker here and elsewhere) apparently got into the cat food and proceeded to eat it like popcorn. I wasn’t there, so I’m not sure what happened, only that she apparently ate enough to screw her stomach up […]

Just kidding! No job for you!

I just got a (very polite) email stating that due to some issues with numbers and whatnot, I will NOT be working at the range at this time.

They’re keeping me in mind for future positions, but they can’t hire anyone new at the moment.

Well, at least I have my babysitting and tutoring, right? […]

Quick announcement of AWESOME.

I have a job at a local range, now.

I begin on the 30th.


I am taking the Praxis I exam on the 25th, which is why I opted for a later starting date.



I also got my official invitation to write for Self Reliance Illustrated, today.

Apparently I don’t suck as […]


This is the very true, very ridiculous, and somewhat disturbing account as to how I became “terminated” from my position as an auditor at Hatfield & Associates in Memphis, TN.

I’m posting this from my viewpoint and memory, and my purpose in doing so is to let folks know exactly how that company operates, in […]

…and again, a brick wall. [wherein i proceed to scare the shit out of some of you, but not without a decent ending to the story]

Or maybe this one’s just plaster…it hurts to run into, but maybe I’ll break through with enough tenacity.

It’s the stucco you have to watch – it scrapes and stings. Most of your nerve endings are at the surface, after all. Beyond that, it’s a few scattered here and there, glistening white against red muscle […]

*shuffles feet*

So there’s a lot to talk about, but at the same time, there’s not a lot I can talk about right now, due to circumstances not being set, yet.

I will, however, tell you about what I am able. Because…um…you care? I think? I mean, 300 of you check in every week (or a bunch […]