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Requested post: Why I don’t trust the CDC

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I have Lyme disease, have had it since I was 14. Because of wrong information about prevention and identification of both seed ticks (youngest tick form most likely to transmit) and the MYRIAD of rashes (not just target rash) that can occur with transmission, my mother and I […]

The beautiful disaster that I can’t write about for work.

Before I begin this epic adventure in writing, I want to point out a few things:

Without follow-up from any of the involved parties, this falls under the umbrella of “speculation.” Because there are details that were added to try to “legitimize” the claim, some of the folks named in this may not actually be […]

Slow burn.

I’m going to ignore my stupid left hand for a minute and let y’all know what’s up with a few things.

I’ve had pain in my left leg for months, as well as really odd stomach pain (pain in the area of my stomach…not pain that necessarily originates in the organ called “stomach”). The leg […]

Time to get reamed by healthcare! Lyme Patient Edition

I’m not going to talk about promises made, or private insurance for entrepreneurs and small business owners, or anything like that.

I’m going to talk about our particular plan, from Forrest’s place of business, and how we’re utterly screwed next year because of it. He works at a decent company that’s been fairly awesome about […]


It’s taken me a while to really connect with this sentence on more than a superficial level, and I think I’ve mentioned it in passing on that level, but lately, this has become apparent to the point of being ridiculous:

I have PTSD.

There’s no one source, no one event…it’s a culmination of how I […]

Ah, racism.

A WWII veteran was waiting outside of his local VA lodge to escort a lady friend in (this is very common – my grandmother, when she went to events in Clarksville, would have chaperones all the time, because that’s just how these folks operate), and two young black males beat the crap out of him […]

Thank you, again.

For the happy thoughts, the posts, the comments, the prayers, and the donations.


I’m getting used the idea of being on the table and still not knowing what in the hell the nodule is (which I’m naming after my ex-husband, because he was just as much of a pain in the ass), and possibly […]

Congratulations, [alma mater]! Here are five reasons why I will never attend your school, again!

Dear [alma mater] Career Services, specifically C. R. [edited from original Facebook post, because this is public – I’m airing a grievance, not trying to get someone fired]:

Sending an email entitled “Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.” and introducing that as an article/discussion point in the forum is a terrible […]

Lyme Journal, days 19, 20, and 21 (so far)

June 19, 2013

The doxycycline is definitely the “puke-tastic” culprit. As a friend of mine noted, if you don’t get enough food into you while taking it, you just…throw up a lot.

Had some fun internet drama, today, but it was nipped fairly quickly, and I had to help my boyfriend (basically by tagging along) […]

Sometimes I feel sorry for the folks who handle my student loans.

I get two phone calls, minimum, every single day, from a certain ginormous corporation that specializes in student loans, especially since I took my “sick leave” from CBU.

I recently (as in, 10 minutes ago) answered the phone, and as I was not feeling charitable enough to even discuss a payment plan, had the following […]