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Gun Blog Black List

Ben Shapiro vs. Piers Morgan = scary hilarity.


Really, Piers? You’re going to say “How dare you” and think that’s a reasonable way to end an argument?

Sir, you have some learnin’ to do. And stop passing the buck. Own the words that come out of your mouth…Ben does. Good job, Mr. Shapiro!

Do what, now?

Government admin in London suggests that things like history, geography, and science are “middle-class” lessons, and are thus unnecessary in today’s world.

Hold the phone, bitches. Are you kidding?

Professor John White, who contributed to a controversial shake-up of the secondary curriculum, believes lessons should instead cover a series of personal skills.

Uh. Really. That’s […]

Random list of how I feel about certain issues coming up lately.

– I’d say that people who’ve been convicted of felonies shouldn’t be able to join the military, but then I think about how you can pretty much commit a felony by farting in front of the wrong person. THEN I think that maybe if the gub’ment had a smaller pool of people to work with […]

They’re really using “terrorist” loosely these days.

This is the article in the NYT about how Ron Paul’s group managed to raise over $4mil yesterday through

Congrats to them, by the way. That’s pretty neat.

Here’s where I start getting pissy with NYT (what else is new?) (emphasis mine):

Many fans of Mr. Paul know of the day primarily through a […]

NOW can we bomb England?

Police force boy to break toy gun, or face arrest.

He’s 8 years old, and was playing with the gun in his mother’s front yard.

After the gun was broken and the bobbies left, they came BACK to tell the 6-year-old daughter to stop riding her toy Barbie car on the pavement.


Guys, pay attention…

…because pretty soon we’ll be headed in the same direction if things don’t change:

Britain to ban smoking while driving.

Now, Arkansas tried to do this…they said, “You can’t smoke if you have kids in the car.” Well, how long before they say, “If you have kids, you can’t smoke at all”?

Now Brits are […]

Did you know that you can have more than a 100% chance of death?

British research says so!

APPARENTLY, getting too much or too little sleep is detrimental to your health…so much so that your chances of dying DOUBLE.


(No, seriously. Read the article. That’s pretty much exactly what they say.)

Thanks to Sailor Curt for the link. I lol’d.

Alright. That’s it. I’m done…

…with “Great” Britain.

Now it’s an offense to be “over-confident”. Police officers can search you if you look them (or anyone else) in the eye, apparently. They don’t have to have probable cause for anything any more.

They’re one very tiny step away from segregating people by hair color and putting them in “protection” camps.


YGTBFKM – Yes, folks, it’s back today. With an extra letter: “Foxtrot”.

Britney’s “triumphant” return to performing was last night. (LINK TO VIDEO)

Now, I don’t usually agree with the AP when they say things like:

As in most train wrecks, it was hard to focus on just one thing as the Britney Spears disaster unfolded. There was just so much that went wrong.

I mean, this […]

BRITAIN IS RETARDED, REASON #1098793982734082309

The government wants to register every child in the country.

This means putting them in a database, with all of their physical information (appearance, gender), as well as their address, doctor’s information, and disease history.

Supposedly this is for the kids’ protection. Their reasoning is that if something happens to a child, or they are […]