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…grace? Or victory?

About, oh, 9 or 10 years ago, I was seeing a guy that I met at karaoke, just before the drugging of the drink.

He wasn’t the one who drugged me, mind you – he was just a regular, we got along okay, and we dated for a while.

We didn’t break up under the [...]

No shoes handy? Kill a roach the convoluted way!

Guaranteed to amuse your significant other!

Turn a glass upside down on it while it’s sitting on your carpet like a derp, its antennae blowing in the wind from your box fan (not kidding…it almost looked happy). Fret for a minute about how you’re going to deal with it if it scurries out while you’re [...]

YGTBFKM, personal edition. (language warning – as if you didn’t see that coming)

[Before you read this:  There are so many more people that have been awesome to me this year, and in years past, than there ever have been assholes.  That may be why the assholes stand out so much.  Being that they stand out, they annoy me greatly.  If I've ever fussed at you, but I'm [...]

You broke it, you bought it.

So Starbucks has said that they would like for gun owners to NOT carry in stores, any more.  This is following one of the stupidest fights I’ve seen people get into in the 6-ish years I’ve been a part of the “gun owner” demographic.

From The Practical Tactical Podcast:

One internet poster said: “I never [...]

Perfect menstrual metaphor. PERFECT.

This was originally a photo/screen-shot, but I’m going to type it out as a quote – attributed to someone called “robotsquid” on Tumblr, we have the following description of what a period is like for most women (yes, even those whose periods are relatively tame):

Seriously though your period is like coming home one day [...]

18 hours of dreaming.

I was at Reese Witherspoon’s house.  She was having a swim party, and somehow I was both a teenager and an adult at the same time.

The party lasted for two days.

The first day was wholesome and fun, with the adults basically between the round “nerd” pool (it was mostly full of guys), and [...]

Okay, I’m scared. I’m admitting it.

I’ve been talking about how certain things concern me, or how one thing related to another may be an issue, but I haven’t been looking at the big picture.

I tend to break things up when it comes to myself, because SO MUCH has been going on, lately, that it’s easier that way.

As G.C. [...]

Words and deeds, and a different kind of bleg – for YOU.

Over the past few weeks, a ridiculous cliche has been appearing over and over again:

“You can make all the promises you want, but unless you see them through, they’re just empty words.”

I’ve had people I don’t even know (either at all, or just not in person) make promises and keep them. I’ve had [...]

Okay, y’all, I’m going to write about Paula Deen. Gird your loins.

Words can be powerful things.  They can hurt, they can heal, they can create neutrality from chaos, and vice-versa.

They are also WORDS.  Yes, some are borne from attitudes, and some are so freakin’ ignorant that you want to slap the speaker.

This young man and foodie, who’s a black jew (so, uh, yeah, he [...]

On Marriage Equality

I want to point something out to folks…

Forrest and I are in a domestic partnership. We’ve been together for just over two years. Neither one of us is in any particular rush to get married, but we have talked extensively and come to the conclusion/decision that we’re going to be together as long as [...]