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Starship Troopers was Livetweeted…

…and this is my favorite takeaway, upon reviewing everything a day later:



— SqueakyB Live Tweets (@squeakyblive) January 13, 2016


If you want to be present the next time I decide to livetweet a movie I’ve never seen before, follow @squeakyblive.


Everyone’s Posting New Year’s Reflections

Mine is full of mixed things, as is everyone else’s. I met my deductible AND my out-of-pocket this year for health insurance…and I didn’t have surgery or go to the ER. I just saw a lot of specialists…but I’m getting to the root of my health problems and addressing them directly. I can’t begin to […]

Crocheting Fool


I’m going to be posting a ton of photos of crochet projects once Christmas is over (since they’re almost all presents for folks, some of whom read this blog).

I learned in mid-October, and I’ve been averaging one project per day for the past two weeks. They’re not big (scarves and hats), but considering […]

The Slip’n’Slide Paradox

Way back when I was a kid in the 80s, one of the coolest things a kid could have in the summer was a Slip’n’Slide. Now, the ones back then were pretty rudimentary. You attach the hose to the end, turn it on, and little jets of water would (hopefully) cover the surface with enough […]

Can we stop with this shit?

I read this article, earlier, and I have some thoughts. It turned into something too long for Facebook, but I don’t feel like editing the format, so please excuse the somewhat-jumbled style.

In high school, some fellow 9th graders read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” There’s an earnest depiction of child rape, from […]


I don’t really know why I haven’t been updating, but at the same time, yeah, I do.

I feel like I don’t have much to say, while also having too much to talk about.

Life is stressful, and sometimes venting online in a public forum makes me feel worse, because I don’t feel like I’ve […]

How to Recognize Physical Abuse in Your Relationship [UPDATED]

I said I would follow up that last post about emotional and mental abuse with one about physical abuse, so here it is.

It’s definitely more cut-and-dried, but with the added challenge of trying to spot it in other people, this may also end up being a lengthy post, so buckle up.

Before I begin, […]

Types of Abuse and How to Spot Them [UPDATED]

While this post was inspired by, yet again, the situation that inspired THIS post, (situation described here in the decorum post, which has been restored to it’s original self, because honestly? fuck the person trying to censor me), it’s actually a post I’ve been trying to write for four years – since my marriage ended […]

On decorum and disagreements [UPDATED]

There comes a point when someone is going to say something to you that you don’t like. That person may do it on purpose, or it may be an accident. They may apologize if you point it out, they may not (after all, if it’s an opinion stated rationally, they have nothing to apologize for).


I thought today was Tuesday…

My morning has been…different.

I woke up early (around 5am) because my stomach was doing that “FEED ME, SEYMOUR” thing where it growls and hurts, but, with it being 5am, I wanted to sleep. I finally got about another hour of sleep, interspersed with Sophie crawling on my face (for some reason, she thinks that’s […]