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Regarding Arizona (quickie)

I have a few words, and a NSFW video.

Gun owners, you vote with your wallets, do you not? When a place isn’t friendly to gun-owners, you just…don’t go. If you can find an alternative that’s friendlier and more willing to either promote or just be completely apathetic toward gun owners (I’ll take apathy over [...]


My stomach is just all kinds of unhappy, today.

The medication I’m on makes me nauseated, as I mentioned.

At night, it’s particularly bad.

I’ve thrown up so much I’m actually worried about my teeth and the back of my throat.

There’s no real point to this post, I’m just complaining.

(If anyone ever wants [...]

I can’t sleep.

On Friday, my student loans are going to default because I have no income, and am really not fit for work in several aspects.  I have been called approximately 30 bazillion times by my loan officer about this, and when informed that getting a job is not possible, they say the SAME THING every single [...]

Today was the day. Did the world end? Nope.

I mean, aside from the inclement weather, which is somehow only going to make temperatures stupidly low tomorrow. They’re just going to go back up on Tuesday, soooo…yeah. Some winter storm, as far as we’re concerned.

I started my regimen of Bactrim (BID) and Levaquin (once per day), and so far I feel nothing out [...]


I keep trying to write a post about things happening this year, but since all of them are depending on other things going right, I honestly have no idea how this year is going to go.

I sincerely hope that all of you have more certainty, and that your collective year is full of good [...]

FYI – people seem really confused by this?

An alarming number of people seem to think that my hysterectomy was the solution to all of my medical woes.  (Alarming = nearly 10 that I can count off the top of my head.)

Considering the hype that was placed on fundraising, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

I will admit that not having cramps, [...]

I should check comments more often.

Sorry about the lack of responses, y’all.  Wordpress doesn’t email me anything, any more (I don’t know why, and I’ve tried several fixes), so that, along with the “pingback” feature being broken, is tempting me to uninstall and then re-install WordPress on this site, altogether.


I’m going to forego all of the other things [...]

I am really sorry I haven’t been updating.

My left hand KILLS when I try to type for too long.  I’m still not sure why…it’s mainly the pinky, and the position of my hands/arms doesn’t much matter.

Also, I seriously just keep forgetting to, because I’m stressed out and tired.

I dyed my hair (it’s purple with blue ends, because yep, I felt [...]

Submit questions for a YouTube video!

This is going to end up being easier than me trying to type everything.

Ask here, on Twitter, on ask.fm, or on Facebook (wherever you know me, basically, just send a message).  You can ask in comments on the following video, as well (that’ll help me keep them together).



Quick announcements – New Raffle, Surgery, Internet Sabbatical

I’m writing this in Word, waiting for my internet to come back, where I will cut and paste it.  I’m pointing this out because…well…my internet is derping, and this may be a lengthy entry, meaning typing it online wouldn’t work too well.  Logistics, I guess.


First, there’s a new raffle.  Erin has graciously offered [...]