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One More Time for Dawg – Help if you can.

Avitable is holding the “fundraising” drive for NYC Watchdog for ONE MORE DAY. It ends tomorrow, after 9 days.You can find the entry with graphics for sale here. Or click on either graphic in this post.They’re $5 each, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to $5, if you know what I’m sayin’.

To date, this […]

on Spam.

Anyone have a way that I can prevent spammers from commenting? They REALLY like my sports bra post…I’ve seriously blocked/deleted/marked 6 or 7 spam comments in the past 12 hours from that one. I want people to be able to register to comment, and I’m already moderating, so I guess there’s not a lot else […]

Me as a youngin’…

JP tagged me for this one. I am to post a photo of myself as a kid, and then tag some other folks to do the same.

So, without furder ado, I present to you the method by which I got around between crawling and walking:

This is ca. 1984-ish. When I didn’t feel […]

Possibly inflammatory post.

First, a note: I don’t often credit the people I get my links from, and I apologize for that. By the time I’m done reading the articles and getting calmed down enough to put my opinions into words, I seriously forget who I get them from. I do get most of them from Say Uncle […]


Bill offering “amnesty” to illegal immigrants is killed.

The Boyfriend said that he sent out several emails yesterday, and apparently the phone lines for several senators were completely clogged.

Glad to know that legislators occasionally listen to their constituents.

I hope this sends out a message to the illegals: QUIT MOOCHING!

This just makes me sick.

Remember last Thursday when everyone was all in a tizzy (rightly so) because Cheney claimed that his office wasn’t part of the Executive Branch of the government, so he didn’t have to submit any reports on what classified information he’s handled?

Well, apparently The President’s Office isn’t part of the Executive Branch, either.

What the […]

“She was asking for it.”

Judge rules that 10-year-old girl was dressed provacatively, and thus deserved to be raped by 24-year-old window washer and his 34-year-old friend.

The window-washer is being released in a few weeks, and his friend (who took the girl home with him after she was already raped, sexually assaulting her further) was already released after 8 […]

But, but…that’s UNPOSSIBLE!

Theory that man settled 400,000 years earlier than initially thought is being challenged.

I have a theory about one reason why people might not want to believe that the settlements could have been year-round (thus making them villages).

Anyone who’s ever tried to get your doctorate in a field of science that is more related […]

Still around.

I know it’s unusual for me to go more than a day without posting – I just wanted to make sure that everyone who regularly visits my site saw the post regarding NYC Watchdog and the efforts made by fellow bloggers to help him out. To date, $2200 has been raised. To someone living in […]

Take a minute out of your day to offer comfort to a fellow blogger.

NYCWD had a horrible thing happen to him yesterday – he lost his 5-year-old son.

Stop by and show him some love. As Avitable pointed out via email, words of comfort rarely hurt.

Speaking of Avitable, he has graphics available for sale on his website, $5 each, all proceeds going to benefit Dawg. The link […]