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Gun Blog Black List

Yes, you’re completely insane.

You sent me this message two hours ago: Am i romanticizing about how much we connected or am i just crazy?

I broke up with you 2 YEARS ago.

I haven’t said anything to you in 8 months, and the last thing I said was something along the lines of, “Fuck off – stop contacting […]

Mexican Truck Drivers allowed on U.S. streets

We’re all going to die.

No, seriously.

This is BAD.

You think Chicago drivers are nuts? How about Atlanta or New Orleans?

Take the WORST driver you know, and put them in an 80-ton hunk of metal with bald tires and an unsecured load in the back.

Do all this after having them stay up […]

Someone’s going to nail me for this one, but I have to get it out.

Why are people rooting for Fred Thompson when this guy doesn’t show any sign of being decisive about actually running for President?

Maybe he’s going to officially run.

Oh, wait…maybe not.

Give him a minute, he’s still trying to work some things out.

Okay, okay…now he’s PRETTY sure that he MIGHT run beginning on September […]

*Dun dun DUNNNN!!*

One of the good points of having a semi-anonymous blog is that you can basically write anything about anyone. You use code names just in case, but you can make generalizations, bitch about people you don’t like, and sometimes even write extensively about people you DO like, in a place where you can be pretty […]

It’s nice to know

that even when I’m sick, I “have” a high-F.

Singers, you know what I’m talking about.

Non-singers, this is a Very Good Thing.

My first lesson was today, and we spent the 30 minutes going over songs that I might sing at the NATS regional competition. We’ve found 2. We just need an aria, and […]

Hey! Hey! Hey! LOOOOK!

Go to Joe’s blog and follow these directions!

Maybe they’ll actually ask a pertinent question at the Republican debate, yeah?

Is it mean…

…that I look at the photo accompanying this article, and the first thought that comes to mind is “durdy-dur!”

Look at the freakin’ mouth-breathin’ action on the tee shirt!

Oh, and “dozens turn out for anti-gun rally” isn’t exactly a compelling headline. “Dozens”? That’s how many people snore in my History class. 24 is “dozens”, […]


I can’t think of an appropriate title for this entry, because it’s going to cover several things.

First, the Sudafed 12-hour that my dorm neighbor got for me at the store is working miracles. I’m still coughing and kind of snotty, but it has backed off considerably. I’ve also been able to cough up a […]

My Universe exists in a very small area right now.

Specifically, the area between my eyebrows and my belly button.

I’m about 10 times worse this morning, and I keep involuntarily groaning to keep from coughing. I didn’t realize that I do this until I was in the bathroom and it echoed. It sounded like someone was beaten and left in the stall to die.



I just got done watching “The Wedding Singer”.

I turned the DVD player off when the credits started rolling, and the same movie is just now starting on cable.


My NyQuil is kicking in. So…goodnight.