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Iran’s calling us names! O NOES!

But I suppose, to them, we ARE terrorists.

I’ve long been an advocate that the only foreign policy we should have is, well, no foreign policy. You go and visit other countries that have “played nice”, negotiate trade, etc, etc, but if they do something on their own soil that you don’t like, you leave […]

Oooh…I think I’ve found a new show…


I’m enthralled.

A geek who accidentally gets involved in a government conspiracy theory while looking for love and trying to navigate “life after Stanford”?

Plenty of awkward moments to keep things from getting too heavy. It’s not a bad show, from what I can see so far.

AND it’s at a time that I […]

Break? Maybe? Don’t know, really.

At this point, my mental capacity is being taken up by thoughts about where I’m going and what I’m doing with my life, so posts here might slow down for a little while. They may not – word vomit is how I figure stuff out, so you might be treated to a few more introspective […]

Guys, pay attention…

…because pretty soon we’ll be headed in the same direction if things don’t change:

Britain to ban smoking while driving.

Now, Arkansas tried to do this…they said, “You can’t smoke if you have kids in the car.” Well, how long before they say, “If you have kids, you can’t smoke at all”?

Now Brits are […]

Your Daily Dose of WTF.

Celebrity WTF. Because I covered political WTF earlier.

So…Emmy Rossum…

WTF? (That’s a link to a YouTube video of her new single, “Slow Me Down”)

You are neither Enya nor Imogen Heap.

You are a fairly talented, classically-trained singer who has starred in the veritable blockbuster movie version of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

Frankly, […]


From The Lone Libertarian comes this disgusting video:

Texas legislators voting for each other during a session. They race across the room, try to beat each other to desks that are unmanned (in fact, while one guy is racing to vote at an empty desk, HIS vote is taken by the guy sitting in front […]

On tests.

Today I had my first Spanish test in, oh, about 8 years. I completely suck at languages. English is hard enough without my having to worry about some other language that I will probably never use because I wasn’t forced to learn it when I was 4. Seriously.

The end of the test consisted of […]

Race for the Cure – Donations Needed, please.

Does anyone else want to sponsor me?

Here’s the link to my page – I have a paltry goal of $100, and I’m still $35 short.

I would love to not only make, but exceed my goal. I’ve done it the other two years I’ve participated. It’d be a shame to not make it now…


Putting a price on priceless items.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed this yet, a copy of the Magna Carta from 1297 is being auctioned by Sotheby’s in December.

I emailed my history professor to tell him, and his response was this:

I had not seen that, so thanks for sending it. I was going to offer some snarky comment about some […]


There’s nothing more relaxing to me than the sound of CRACKLING thunder in the afternoon. Not the rolling kind…too ominous. The crackling kind is like, “bitches, I’m here to RAIN upon you, and I’m NOT going away until I’m done!”

The weather? Means business. Hells yeah.