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Nothing like seeing a bunch of pseudo-ivy-league kids simulate sex onstage in corsets and fishnets.


(Click link above for a photo of myself and Frank N. Furter from tonight’s performance.)

I picked a hell of a day to forget to brew coffee.

I had a sizable paper due for Anthropology today, and, being the responsible and orderly person I am, of course I had everything done by yesterday except the actual paper. Because, really, how long does it take to write a paper on how my dad was really poor growing up, and how he worked his […]

A Classic

Strong Bad Email, from Homestar Runner.

This is how Strong Bad feels about the English.

I concur, Strong Bad. Truly.

Open letters to random folks.

I stole this idea from Hammer, who stole it from Miscellany.


Dear Girl Down the Hall,

That pinata might be “cute”, but no one wants to hit their head on an over-sized whorish shoe while on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, especially when it’s empty, thus giving them […]


Better pick up those ciggies and give ’em a puff if you want your kids to have health care.

(YouTube link via multiple sources)


Presumably unarmed crew overpowers armed pirates.

Hells, yeah.

(via David)


Don’t depend solely on anti-bacterial gel – washing your hands is very beneficial, and more effective in the long […]

In other news…

…Facebook is causing some major LOL’s to issue forth from my lips.

Yes, I really just wrote that.

My stepbrother is on there (as are many others I knew growing up, and have been related to in one way or another through my life), and I guess he just went through a breakup or something, […]

Feeling a bit better.

I’m about to go to bed, but I just wanted to let everyone who worried know that I’m okay now.

I figured out what was going on, but it’s kind of…um…gross, I guess, so I’m going to put it under a cut.


Please take the gun poll again.

Due to a malfunction with the original poll software, Rattail Bastard had to re-do the thing in Blogger format.

Please take the time to note what sort of shooter you are.

Alrighty – MIA for the rest of the day, likely. Or at least the rest of the afternoon.

This is for the benefit of all you new folks who have been ushered in by Uncle and Tam – though it’s nice to occasionally let the folks who’ve been putting up with me for far longer know what’s going on, too. ;-)

I seem to have either gotten some mild food poisoning, or contracted […]

See? Told ya.

Remember the Ghostbusters-esque Counterterrorist logo?

Tam found words for me.