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I’ll just buy new ones.

15 years ago, my grandmother introduced me to the wonderful world of sewing.

10 years ago, she let me use her ancient hide-a-way Singer to make several patchwork pillows. I happily sewed for two weeks while staying with her at her tiny house in Missouri.

3 years ago, I repaired my first pair of jeans.


Applied for my permit…finally.

After having some trouble finding an ATM that wasn’t broken (what is UP with today?), I had everything I needed, and went to the DMV closest to me, armed with a book, to fill out my paperwork and wait for my photo (and money) to be taken.

I went to the desk, slid my certification, […]

MOAR potential chicks with guns!

In my disappointment yesterday at no one following up with me even after I pretty aggressively emailed regarding my to-the-range offer, I decided to try one more time, emphasizing more the FREE-ness of it, rather than the great opportunity it was.

Well, money talks, I guess.

I have two more participants for Wednesday, February 13th. […]

Cops in Memphis are not leading by example.

Saturday night, as I briefly mentioned, I was out with some cast members at Huey’s for a bit. When it was suggested by someone that we go to Ernestine & Hazel’s, we left the bar and headed to our respective vehicles.

I should have used the restroom before I left Huey’s, but I was so […]


I feel like such a dork for posting this, but tonight? I go to bed before 9pm.

I don’t have to be up until 7:30 tomorrow morning.

If THAT doesn’t help me catch up on sleep, then I don’t know what will.


Some good news – new potential chicks with guns!

I was bitching earlier about people not having followed up to a response regarding me taking them to the range for their first shootin’ lesson, but I neglected to mention that I DID have two positive responses.

I will be taking 2 young ladies from school (Laura and Lynne) to the range on February 21, […]


As is my habit, I usually get to school about 30 minutes early so that I can use online resources that are only available on-campus. The computer I happen to use is located in the Honors classroom, where my first two classes are held.

Today I wandered over to the classroom computer, and see an […]

“If you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch after the election.”

I used to believe this phrase wholeheartedly.

I used to throw it at people, particularly in these past 4 years, when nearly everyone was in a tizzy spouting off accusations that “Bush did it! It’s HIS fault!” I would ask, “Who’d you vote for?” “Oh, I didn’t vote. My conscience wouldn’t let me vote for […]

Just one(ish) note from tonight.

If you suggest “a nightcap” at a different bar, and get everyone all jazzed up to go, let me and the guy I’m driving leave first, and then never show up to the bar yourself, you are on my shit list.

Granted, I had a good time talking to my “charge”, but sitting in Ernestine […]

Is this defamation of uniform?

Someone out there who’s either currently in the military or has been in the military…

Is this guy a complete retard, or is there some rule out there that says you can have someone sign their name on your uniform if they have big tits?