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“…in affectionate memory of Chewbacca.”

Tex IMed me to inform me that I received a card at his address from an organization in Seattle, called Christian Veterinary Mission. The outside of the envelope indicated that someone had made a donation to the organization in my name. I don’t remember making such a donation, particularly not with Tex’s address attached to […]

This is obviously a joke.

Has everyone seen this blog?

I am both amused at the entries and vaguely insulted that I’m not on the blogroll under “Gun Whackos Posing as Women”.

Resting my eyes from my term paper, I got a surprise, and a flash of recognition.

Phlegmfatale tells the story of a time when she refused, as a young woman, to acquiesce to the demands of a pair of attackers who were after her purse. She was knocked down and beaten, and her purse eventually taken, while several people just stood and stared.

She was told that she’d done the wrong […]

Holy Shit.

I just blew a fuse.

I have NEVER done that in my LIFE.

My computer shut down, and the plugs on the side of the wall in which I’m working just completely stopped functioning.

I’m working on a midterm paper.

CUE PANIC. Thanks to a quick phone call, and Jazz’s dad pointing out that, hey, […]

Change is a-comin’.

Given that I’ve been frustrated with the limitations of my blog format for a few weeks now, I’ve been wanting to change my theme again, perhaps to something a little more simple.

Also, because of the circumstances of losing a beloved pet earlier this month, I can barely stand to look at my own site, […]

How is this attractive?

“Oh, man, I’ve got facial creases that make Yoda look like a teenager!”

“When I back up, I should have one of those beeping machines to warn people that my ass is on the way…’beep beep!’ Hahaha!”

“I feel like I need to lose ten pounds on my neck alone! Look at this wattle!”

I […]

Autistism – a look INSIDE, with a personal preface.

One of the most frustrating things, to me, about even the possibility of having Asperger’s, is that there’s an automatic assumption that just because I don’t communicate my thoughts and feelings the same way as other people, that I’m somehow less intelligent. Because I’m “tactless”, I must just not know any better. People feel the […]

…why is it doing that?

The ring in my right ear will NOT lay down. It did for a very short period last night, but I think it was cemented in place (if you’ll pardon the visual) by blood. Now that the piercing has been cleaned and is, um, mobile, it’s choosing to stick straight out again.

An extension of […]

Whoops. Heh.

Thanks to Uncle, I realized that while I have a hotel room and transportation figured out for the 2-A Blog Bash (have since January 16, actually), I had not yet registered.

A quick visit to the site, and that’s taken care of.


So…who am I going to see there, eh?

It’s like xkcd is all about me.

I’m one of those ex-marching band kids. And I’ve SO TRIPPED when the music I was walking in time to stopped playing. Except that it never re-started, and my brain went, “buh?!” and just totally malfunctioned for a second.

Luckily, it happened in a place where very few people were present, so I don’t […]