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An Experiment.

Dammit likes to sleep on my head. Throughout the night, he will fidget and fuss and push me with his feet until his entire body is streeeeeetched over my pillow, and I’ve been successfully relegated to having to use my arm. Not cool.

He also makes a chirpy “prrrup?” noise when he shifts, and I’m […]

Did I REALLY do that? Huh.

Rachel Lucas posted today regarding her absolute and utter giddiness that Dr. Helen mentioned her in a blog post favorably.

They both asked the question (paraphrased, of course): “Do you have a blogger you admire? Why?”

I can’t really answer that question, because there are a lot of them, and they’re admired for different reasons, […]

Well, speak of the devil.

It’s interesting to wake up and have two text messages…I mean, just in general, I don’t get a lot of them, and to have two in one night from two different people is kind of unheard of. I’m just not that popular.

What’s more interesting, to me, is that they come from my current amour […]


So after a few days of writing long, drawn-out posts about STUFF, actual STUFF, my muse has run away to, I dunno, dance in the rain or something.

Speaking of the rain, there’s another leak in my roof/ceiling. Supposedly, my landlord is coming over to look at it today. We’ll see.

Someone wasn’t entirely honest […]

Forgive me for dogging someone’s sense of humor

but you know that if it was called Stuff Black People Like, there’d be a lawsuit faster than you can say, “Jesse Jackson”.

If I wasn’t going to be in Kentucky that weekend, I’d go to this.

Patriot Rally 2008.


I know I’m not stupid, and even though sometimes when numbers are tossed around I find myself zoning out, I can usually make sense of the general gist of what the numbers mean.

However, I just cannot make my brain comprehend the density of the last comment on this post (the one about unions).

In […]

Arms Dealer’s dad disappointed that son is selling ammo.

Read this story all the way through and see if you can get to the end without rolling your eyes.

Go ahead. Try it.

Bet you can’t.

I predict disaster. You know, worse than what’s already happened.

The Treasury Department apparently thinks it’s an awesome idea to give the Federal Reserve even more power over the nation’s finances than it already has.

Here’s a number for you: $9,415,423,747,472.04. That’s the current National Debt, which is increasing at an average of 1.66 BILLION dollars per day, or has been since September 2006.

Somehow […]

Play features blackface version of Obama – PSH ensues.


FARGO, North Dakota (AP) — North Dakota State University is investigating complaints about a campus skit in which a white student in blackface portrayed Barack Obama receiving a lap dance.

The same skit, part of a charity fundraiser held at a campus theater, also featured a depiction of cowboys having sex with each […]