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Gun Blog Black List

Listy McListerson.

I do this too much. Sorry.

-Woke up on time for my 8am exam, then got into a bit of drama and missed it. Since this was me trying to take it early in order to be free this evening for the wedding rehearsal (my exam will be over at 5:30, and the rehearsal starts […]

Prayers, good thoughts, whatever you wish to give.

My religion professor began having shortness of breath several months ago. He went to the doctor, they ran tests, and things were “inconclusive”. Because one of his ventricles wasn’t working correctly (no electrical impulse on one of the charts during the endurance test), they thought maybe it was a temporary viral thing, and that with […]

I’m famous, y’all.

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, I can’t link you to it, but Tex informed me today that we both have pages on IMDB as a result of our work with the local film company I take photos for.

That’s pretty damned awesome.

[edit – yeah, I’m retarded. I didn’t realize that since most of you […]

This is what happens when you’re a linear thinker.

Went to the print shop to have the honors journal test-printed.

It was a disaster.

I thought I’d put it together correctly, but I was, to put it nicely, mistaken.

So. Because I obviously can’t use my imagination to see how it’s got to go together, I have to write on and arrange little pieces […]


I missed my presentation last Thursday morning, but was able to communicate with my professor and get to school early this morning to show it to her and get her input on it, anyway – since this is my final exam practice, I figured I needed all the help I could get.

Groveling works, […]

Dear neighbors,

I’m still not entirely sure which one of you feels the need to defend the size of your junk by firing your weapon (not a euphemism) at odd hours of the day and night, but would it be too much to ask for you to NOT do so before 8am?

Oh, and continue to keep […]

I see a recurring theme…

In all of my rhetoric assignments, I’ve pretty much lambasted people for using too much pathos and not enough logos. When we’re told to write about a specific topic picked by the professor, I’m always able to bring it around to some example of a dumbass using pathos to make more laws that didn’t work […]

Bleg – Rhetoric of Gun Control

(for some reason, Firefox saved this entry in the window I was using to write my blog posts today – so I was able to find it, fix it up, and now I’m posting it. thank goodness.)

For the topic of my final paper (which, unfortunately, is not my final exam…boo), I’ve chosen to talk […]

Bite me, WordPress. (nevermind! yay, firefox!)

I’ve been having this problem for a while.

I write a post (it’s usually something I actually want feedback on), and wonder why I’m not getting any comments.

Then I look, and the post is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Not on the site, not in my drafts…*poof*, it’s just gone.

I know I hit the […]

I’m working on a to-do list today.

So posts will be infrequent and likely short.

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard of Ze Frank, go watch this clip. Then start from the beginning and watch all of the other shows. It’s a hoot.

(by the way, my to-do list? is insane and includes things like, “write 10-page paper for rhetoric”, which […]