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Quick poll!

Without an actual poll in the entry! Cuz I don’t have time for that! Cleaning ZOMG!

I just checked out my Gabcast stats, and either out of morbid curiosity or genuine enjoyment, 185 people listened to my last recording (which was of me singing).

So I’m thinking maybe I’ll be a total attention whore and […]


I started a workout DVD today – it’s got two weekly workout schedules on it: one for upper body, and one for lower body. I’m going to alternate weeks for the next two months and see if I can’t drop this weight I’ve put on since school let out. So far it seems to be […]

Okay – go vote for Dammit.

I had to do it.


This cat can fall asleep anywhere. The only thing that budged him was my phone ringing. Which, of course, inspired a macro.

Not Twitter-pated.

Twitter is down entirely too often for my taste.

Now that I have folks following me (thanks to my link on my blog), I am more inclined to update it and/or check it a little more frequently. I still don’t check often enough to warrant folks putting important life-changing items on there and expecting me […]

First day of research.

I know this is small potatoes to some of you, but I’m pleased with how the first meeting went.

Someone asked me what I was doing there, and I said that I was basically figuring out whether or not they (the research group) had any use for me. One of the advisers for the group […]

Italian Fest

Tonight was the first night of Italian Festival.

I met a priest who’d just finished seminary – he gets his official title next week. First priest I’ve talked to for a period of longer than 10 minutes in my life. We talked about dealing with suicidal folks.

I wandered around and heard the cover band, […]


I went to sleep a couple of hours ago (well, “sleep” is a strong term…more accurately, I laid down on my bed, Dammit smacked me in the face a few times with his paws every 15 minutes or so, I had one weird half-dream, and then gave up because I had a headache), and when […]

I realize my opinion on this situation is different than a lot of folks’.

Keep that in mind as you read this. I’m aware that someone’s going to call me some sort of insensitive monster.

A woman’s 66-year-old mother is confused, uncoordinated, and is slurring her words. They take her to the ER, then a neurologist, where she’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Turns out, she’s just over-medicated.

(as […]

“How could we have prevented this tragedy?!?”

Here’s a clue:

Teach your kids not to sunbathe on the train tracks like a fucking moron.

You’d think it was common sense. And the way these folks are talking, they’re going to blame the conductor.

Sorry, folks, but if you’re retarded enough to lay on the train tracks at any time, and you allow […]