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Gun Blog Black List

Squeaky and Ahab – Gun Nuts on Blogtalk Radio – Tuesday at 11pm EST

We’re talking about DC v. Heller: the decision, the comments, the reactions.

Well, Ahab will be. I’ll mostly be going, “Woo-hoo!”, because once anything technical comes up, my eyes glaze over.

As such, if you want to call in and talk shop, you’re MORE than welcome to.

Here’s our site, complete with the phone number […]

Looks like I’m in the market for a car.

Tex’s dad came over here about an hour or so ago, to look at the engine.

Yep, it’s the timing belt.

I wanted to unload that car, anyway, because I’m scared to drive more than an hour at a time in it, so this is almost fortuitous…except for the timing (har, har). I’d planned to […]

I have The Queen of Snark’s blessing!

Y’all, if I was a puppy, there’d be a cleanup on aisle 3.

On one hand, I’m sad that Tam’s not of a mind to go (even though I totally understand her reasons – I’d be the same way if I’d had the experiences she did), because how much fun would it be for her […]

Family observation.

My grandmother’s wit and sense of humor have become on par with my mother’s and aunt’s, since my grandfather died.

It’s surreal, and kind of cool. Because now I don’t feel like I have to watch my language so much…not that I did, but now I don’t feel as bad about it.

Last chance to vote/enter the Blackwater Training competition.

TODAY is the last day to vote for your favorite blogger to attend Blackwater Training with Todd Jarrett and ParaUSA.

Remember that you have the option to enter yourself in the drawing to be the 11th attendee.

I hope you’ll vote for me. :-) It’s happening on the last weekend before school starts, and I […]

I promise I’ll stop talking about this soon.

I figure that since everyone’s hitting that button to the left, the least I can do is keep them abreast of the situation, right?

I mean, comment if I can go back to being shallow and snarking on people, by all means. Heh.

Anyway, so I still love the G6, but I realize (because I’m […]

Getcher Heller Kitty shirts!

Right here.

Magnificent list of random.

-I found my grandfather’s obituary. It’s still weird seeing that he’s dead. Not sad – weird. I still want to go up to Clarksville and verify that he’s not there. I feel slightly psychotic for admitting this.

-I was supposed to go to Beale tonight with my aunt. She’s currently at an MCL banquet with […]

Rental car fun.

My insurance doesn’t cover a rental (my bad…I should have anticipated needing that option, what with my car being so old), so I went down to beg Jazz to sign for the thing (she’s over 25, so it’d cost less) and cover my ass financially on it until next week, when my bank account will […]

Who says teh intarwebs isn’t made up of real people?

Holy shit, you guys.

Since yesterday, my tip jar has been hit no fewer than 10 times.

I’m working on emailing everyone personally, but I’m currently playing phone tag with my car insurance company (figuring out that getting a car today probably isn’t going to happen, but if I can get one HELD for Monday, […]