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Gun Blog Black List

Like Twitter. Except in a blog post.

1. Tip Jar. Left sidebar. Going toward gift for Rusty, who’s currently recovering from having his freakin’ appendix taken out in emergency surgery two days ago. All proceeds to this cause until noon Saturday.

2. All three cats are on the bed, and they’re all snoring. I’m going to join them soon. I has a […]

“Leave Barack Alooooone!”



I laughed so hard at this.

(some language NSFW – video)

Donations now being accepted for Rusty.

Since Sebastian linked here, I suppose I should go ahead and include this explanation in my post, for those who didn’t get an email.

Anything added to my Tip Jar in the left sidebar in the next two days (ending at noon on Saturday, at which point I’m actually going to go make the purchase) […]

Rusty’s alive, y’all! *UPDATED*

I just got a call from Rusty, which surprised me, mostly because it’s 10am on a weekday, and I assume that, like everyone else, he’s at work (and extremely busy, considering his last blog post).

Uh, yeah – he’s in the hospital.

Apparently he started feeling sick a couple of days ago, so he went […]

The sad state of education…in 1994.

Crankyprof doing what she does best.

( says it’s undetermined, but my non-professional opinion based on sight alone, without analysis? Is that it’s fake. But having had teachers who’ve done this very thing [Fall ’07 sucked, y’all], I still think her rant is valid, and worth a read.)

An apology? REALLY?

Steve Cohen is a pandering idiot.

Like the brother I never had.

Caleb likes heckling me.

Seriously, though, the “Electric Boogaloo” thing makes me roll my eyes and laugh moreso than anything else, especially after seeing this horrible photoshop on Holy Taco:

Just try to get that image out of your head.

Incidentally, a friend of mine just watched “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo“, and the review […]

It’s never too early to pimp an upcoming Gun Nuts podcast.

(so copying Ahab. again.)

I want to continue to promote next week’s show on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation because I think it’s going to be one of our best shows ever. Remember the ultra-long thread(s) at Snowflakes in Hell where the topic of extremism in the pro-gun movement was debated at length?

Next […]

What’s this “love child” crap?

I realize that it’s convenient, and sounds better than “bastard” (even though that’s technically the correct term), but seriously? “Love child”?

Yeah, let’s make it sound all sweet that Edwards cheated on his wife and fathered a child with another woman…a woman he continues to see, and pays “hush money” to every month to keep […]

I’m pretty sure it’s all that tire-shopping.

Stingray posted this, and I decided to give it a try. He got a 96% probability of being male, while Labrat (his wife and co-blogger) got a 94% probability of being female.

What is it that predicts your gender? This website.

It analyzes the sites you visit and tells you your probability of being either […]