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State of the Squeaky Address

-School is really busy. This first week was hell, but I didn’t NOT enjoy any of it. Even my Spanish class is bearable, even though the teacher is going at breakneck speed. I don’t feel like the stupidest person in there, so yay.

-There’s ALREADY drama in the psych department, and it pertains to Independent […]

Range Report – Cobra CA380 and Kahr CW9

The Cobra CA380 didn’t chamber a round (at all). Someone mentioned getting the feed ramp worked on. I looked and looked at the gun over and over again, and that’s the only thing I can think of, as well. Everything else is working the way it’s supposed to, the feed ramp is just IN THE […]

Photos, because I promised.

Mossberg Maverick. I have to get the stock shortened to 12 inches, but other than that, it’s awesome. It came with a six-shot magazine. Which is awesome. I’m looking forward to taking it to the range to give it a whirl.


Yeah, this sucks.

My class doesn’t start for another hour and a half, so I’m sitting in the computer lab contemplating whether or not people would throw spare change at me if I found a cubbyhole upstairs to fall asleep in for an hour.

So here’s the deal with me right now:

My schedule is so fucked up […]

First day of classes.

It was…pretty alright, I suppose. Both professors are folks I’ve had before, whom I like, so that helps.

I was late for my first class because of a really unfortunate side effect of one of the medications I’m on. It seems to have gone away, but I’m still on the lookout, because if it happens […]

No hope for Google Reader.

I am now behind by more than 600 entries on my feed reader.

I’m going to be skimming, but there are blogs (mostly ones that, well, I only have on there because occasionally I get something out of them) that I’m just going to completely mark as read without even worrying about them.

So. If […]


I bought a shotgun and a small .380 today. I’ll post more details and photos when it’s not 3:30am.

Sorry, y’all.

I have just not been able to catch up on my feed reader, after the Google malfunction that’s been going on for me in the past few days. I have about 350 entries (granted, some of those are repeats from aggregators on other blogs, like this one and this one), and it keeps growing, because […]


First, Crazy Update: The doctor put me on Trazodone, in addition to the Wellbutrin SR. From what I’ve been reading about Trazodone, I should definitely be sleeping…it’s going to be waking up that’s the hard part.

I’ve gone ahead and made a new blog for the crazy crap, because I’m not comfortable having it take […]

Dreamhost and Google fail

Dreamhost isn’t emailing me my comments.

Google keeps randomly logging me out of my feed reader and my email.

Soooo…if you’ve made comments or emailed me today, and you haven’t gotten a reply, that’s why.