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It ain’t over yet, y’all.

This morning, I decided to have my breakfast in front of the television. I’m waiting for my landlord to show up to fix the roof and a door that keeps warping. I don’t expect to see him, but that’s not the point.

Our local news station was wandering around downtown and asking folks what they […]


Yeah, so about that money thing?

I just got a hold of someone, they asked me one question, I answered, and by November 4, I should have a full refund from that stupid warranty situation.

So I can take care of my cat, go to Boomershoot, and actually might be able to go to the […]

Lawyers in Memphis?

So it looks like I’ll be speaking with the BBB on this warranty issue, because I’ve been leaving messages with no response for two days now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon.

In addition, just to make sure all my bases are covered, I would like to find […]


I can’t begin to be able to sum up the trip, but I had fun, even though I was sick, and it was good hanging out with TD again.

He got a sushi roll named after him at his regular sushi joint. I was amused.

Also, I’ve been using it long enough to be able […]

Safely in Detroit

Okay, so after finding out that I was going to have to stay the night in the Dallas airport, I was understandably upset. But shit happens, and life goes on, and I obviously lived.

My flight yesterday actually left early, so I arrived in Detroit at 10:55 local time, a full 15 minutes before I […]

Stranded. In Texas.

My first flight was to leave Memphis at 5:05pm.

The plane we were to board was delayed in its arrival.

I asked when we might leave, and was told by 5:45pm at the latest.

We boarded at 5:30, and sat there. And sat there. And sat some more.

At around 6, we were told that […]

Midterm grades posted.

2 A’s (grad careers and independent research), 2 B’s (biological psychology and sociology), and a C (correlational methods…thanks to the test I failed).

I got an A in Spanish 1, the night class. I registered today for Spanish 2, which I’ll take after fall break. Hopefully I can get an A in that, too.

I’m […]


Dammit goes in for an endoscopy and a liver biopsy to check for cancerous cells on Tuesday, the 28th. It’s either lymphosarcoma or triaditis. The latter would be prefereable, because it’s treatable. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts. I’m having to combine his medication into one shot, because he won’t take pills […]

This is getting ridiculous – cat update. Also, possible cancellations of plans.

So his liver was enlarged, his intestinal lymph nodes were enlarged, and he tested positive for heartworms.

So they assumed he had heartworms, especially since he has a heart murmur.

I just got a call this morning (as I was getting ready to take him in) that the test also shows whether cats have had […]


We have to get Dammit on prednisone. He’s not eating much, and I can’t tell if he’s drinking. I can tell he’s nauseated from the heartworms and the medication, and the dehydration is probably making it worse.

I’m feeding him wet food exclusively, twice a day, right after I give him his medicine, to try […]