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New Year’s Confessional – better than a resolution, any day.

I have a bit of a confession to make, y’all.

JB and I have been a little more serious than we’ve let on. Okay, a lot more serious.

We haven’t been talking to anyone about our relationship, because we have a lot of mutual friends, and some of them have expressed their displeasure in various […]

Alright, y’all, a somewhat more substantial update.

My fingers are cold, and I’m finding myself less and less willing to write anything longer than a few lines, so this is going to be difficult. I’ll try not to give up…heh.


I totally made an F in one of my classes because I missed the final presentation BECAUSE I was out of […]

Why I don’t attend church.

Yesterday, JB and I were driving back from his place (waaaaay out in the boonies, as you may recall), and at the exit for my house, I saw from a distance a person holding a cardboard sign.

“Oh, god…a panhandler”, I said. These guys are everywhere, looking bored and holding their signs at every major […]

Dear Intarwebz,

Could we please leave the “I told you so” and “good libertarians don’t trust the government” talk out of whatever comments and emails you guys leave here or send me? I wrote about a legitimate issue that began a freakin’ year before I even started blogging or giving a shit about politics – I was […]

Clients needed

As per my previous post, here are the basic details:

Sallie Mae decided to discontinue their Tuition Answer loan. Rather than giving their clients the courtesy of a letter or something stating that it was discontinued back in October…well, I had to find out over the phone a couple of hours ago. We’ll just leave […]

Goddamned bailout fucked up my loans.

And you know, sometimes I wonder why I went back to school at all. Because obviously I’ve either made some seriously bad choices, or the universe is conspiring for me to just get a full-time job and give up on my degree.

I can’t say any more without getting really, really upset, and I have […]

Y’all. Drama.

Sorry for the absence. Things going on. Out of town.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


I am one presentation away from being finished with the semester. ONE. Unfortunately, this presentation has made me cry more than anything else this past month, so I’m really hoping I don’t screw up tomorrow. Basically, I’m in charge of the “results” section, and we have NO results. Because our project was flawed, and […]

One more Geek entry, then I’m done, I promise.

The program I’m using is called DoubleKiller, and TD suggested it to me after I was like O GOD MY LIFE about having to delete all of those duplicate files one at a time.

As far as I can tell at the moment, it’s doing what it’s supposed to. I’m having it compare file sizes […]


Y’all can stop giving advice now. I’ve found a viable solution that not only searches the duplicates for me, but will delete them, too.