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So Memphis City Schools and Shelby County schools are both closed today.

CBU and the U of M are both open.

These weren’t announced until around 7AM.

Tell me something: with the large number of parents who either attend or work for either of these universities, don’t you think the schools should close so that […]


I was at work this afternoon, when I received a call from Jazz.

“Are you sitting down?”

“Yeah…I’m at work. What happened?” Y’all my heart sank. I had no idea what she was going to say, but I knew it was going to be bad.

“I think Pooty’s dead.”


So, basically, just before 4pm […]

If you see my smiling face…

I just have to note that I love this digital age of photography.

7 years ago, after 9/11, my grandmother pointed out a contest with The Tennessean (paper in Nashville) for college students to express their opinions on what was to happen, and what had happened. I don’t remember my direct quote, but I was […]

Okay, I’ll admit: I don’t get it.

I’m going to be avoiding Facebook tomorrow (today, since it’s after midnight), because I know that it’s going to be full of status updates pertaining to the inauguration, and I just don’t care that much.

Yeah, I think it’s a great thing that a black guy was voted in as President. I just think he […]

A southern thing?

JB and I were driving back to Memphis from his house (way out in BFE), and were stopped at a light on Highland. The light had just turned green, and JB was accelerating, when a man to our right waved his hands at us and rolled down his window. I waved back, rolled down my […]

So you can see the crest on the hat.

This is what he thought of Rocky Horror. Blasphemy. Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

I warned JB I was going to post this photo. Hah.

If you look above the Prussian star, the Nazi crest (eagle holding the swastika) is at the peak of the hat.

Yes, he really did dress like a Nazi […]

Definition of chaos.

Hammin’ it up. Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

Vampires and Nazis! Living together! IT’S THE APOCALYPSE!


Blow-up doll! Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

Ladies and gentlemen, my Matron of Honor.

And her pumpkin.

Ft. Donelson

IMG_9824 Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

Catching up on Flickr

IMG_9845 Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

Check out my Flickr page to look at some of the photos I’ve posted recently. I’m trying to unload more photos – it’s slow going.