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Missing a few brain cells? Join MATA and drive a (short) bus!*

I seem to remember recounting my adventures after getting hit by a MATA bus a while back. Of course, I’m not sure if I had this blog yet, so I don’t know. It could have been Livejournal.

(edit: Yeah, here it is. Hah.)

Anyway, I was at an intersection, in broad daylight, with someone in […]

1911 Question from a reader/friend

DaWankler says:

“I keep meaning to e-mail you. With all your contacts, do you have or know anyone that would have recommendations for purchasing a 1911?”

I know you all do.

Go for it in the comments.

So you need a Creative Writing degree to do the weather now?

“…and perhaps a rumble or two of thunder…”

Either this person was in a really good mood, or felt like being a sarsastic ass.

Copied directly from my email this morning:

On February 25, the following NRA-backed pro-gun measures passed the House Judiciary’s Sub-Committee on Criminal Practice and Procedure. These bills now move to full House Judiciary Committee, which meets next Wednesday, March 4.

House Bill 254, sponsored by Representative Glen Casada (R-63), would delete the requirement to give a thumbprint as part of the background […]

Holy shit.

So I’m trying to sleep with my windows open, because it’s really warm in the house (being on the top floor doesn’t help), and I just heard what sounded like a flock of fighter jets flying directly over my house.

Then it lasted waaaaaay too long, so I figured it must be a train…like, with […]

He’s going to hate me for this.

JB hates small spaces. The man is 6’6″…I’d say he has a good reason for it.

He’s also never flown.

Now, think about how small the average economy seat is on an airplane. I’m uncomfortable while flying, and I’m only slighly larger than average.

Of course, the longer you go without doing something that you’re […]

You know, I’ve been trying to put what I’ve been thinking about into words for most of the day.

But for once, I can’t really do it.

I do have a question, however: If you can’t treat the people you count as allies with any respect, how in the fuck do you think you’re going […]

Something of a balanced day.

1 + Found out I actually understood what the hell was going on in stats.

2 – Was reminded of a test in religion (Thursday).

3 + Left religion early to get ready for presentation, so professor caught up with me later and basically told me the answer to the essay question.

4 + Even […]

roflcopter, away!

The first thing that made me laugh this morning was in a livejournal community (you know how sometimes you’re on Wikipedia, and you click links from one page to another until you end up in some weird place with no idea how you got there, and you’ve gone from looking up information on a document […]

So I have four other lizards, and one just laid an egg: a photo essay. Sorta.

So I walked over to the cage that houses the other four geckos, to make sure they were good to go on water and stuff, and to make sure the temperature was okay, when I noticed something peculiar in the bedding.

Yeah, that’s an egg. Here’s a close-up, where you can see that, in […]