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Yeah…I had limited internet access over the weekend, so sorry about being completely AWOL.

I got my new lappy today. It’s pretty damned sweet. I’m still setting up things the way I want them, but so far, the transition has been very smooth. I’m just adjusting to Vista on the laptop (it would take too […]

Doctor/lifestyle update.

I played phone tag with a few people this week regarding my referral to a rheumetologist, and have come to the conclusion that the far-reaching fucktardery of those who take advantage of ERs for stupid things has reached the self-pay section of specialists.

The original place I was getting referred to doesn’t take self-pay (I […]


I bought an EeePC 900A several months ago. I was very excited, because I thought, “man, there’s no way I WON’T use this! It’s so small! And it has everything I need! It’s so portable!”

Uh, yeah…tip for you guys: using an operating system you’re not knowledgable about (i.e. Ubuntu, in my case), on an […]

Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) Questionnaire

Inspired by the fact that we’re studying autism in class right now, and with my pseudo-diagnosis of Asperger’s in Fall 2007 (wow, that was a long time ago), I went off in search of the questionnaires we’ve been talking about in my class. I found one for adults: The Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) Questionnaire.

Here’s my […]


A stationary bike with a Spin-Art attachment on the front so that I can exercise and paint at the same time.


I need to stop using the “back” buttons on my browser to make new posts.

I made an offhand comment on Facebook last week that I was looking through the forums and giving people advice on this website (which, as far as I can tell, is for people who have one diagnosis set in their head [and aren’t getting the answers they want] to share that with the world in […]

YGTBKM – Daily Mail edition

First, we have a 10-year-old who brings a BB gun to school, is suspended, and then written about in the Daily Mail as though he’s a horrible criminal who was out to kill all of his classmates. Naturally, this is in the UK, but you really can’t tell any more, because we’re getting just as […]

More as this develops, but I thought I’d let y’all know.

I took some time off of reading blogs because I don’t have time with everything else I’ve been doing. I’ve tried to slow down on the posting, but I’ve found that I can’t let go of this outlet, even if I never post about anything too in-depth or interesting any more (or at least, not […]

Reasoned Discourse and Irony

Apparently Mike Fleming was talking about the Commercial Appeal’s carry permit database (I refuse to link to that thing) tonight on his radio show, and someone I know (through teh intarwebs, though we have a couple of mutual meatspace acquaintances) who works at the CA is Twittering about it.

Please note, I didn’t hear the […]