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NRA Convention Road Trip for Charlotte, 2010

Whitebread asked me to draft some folks to see if they would be interested in the following travel proposal for next year’s NRA convention (held in Charlotte, NC, from May 14-16).

Ready for this?


Charlotte is an 8-hour drive from Jackson, TN, which is where this road trip would be originating.

Along the way, […]

*UPDATED* Okay, posting a direct link to my survey in an attempt to get more responses.

Okay, so here’s what’s going on: there have been several folks (student and otherwise) who’ve filled out the survey, but have skipped questions (I realize they’re close together, so it’s not like I’m mad about it), so I’ve lost data.

If you click on the link below, you’re agreeing to several things:

1. You’ll respect […]

Spokane to Orofino

Spokane to Orofino Originally uploaded by redmuse_poet

This photo was taken during the 3-hour trip from Spokane, WA to Orofino, ID, on Thursday, April 23, 2009.

Seeing the shapes of the clouds on the ground was kind of a new experience for me.


Updates on hold (including Boomershoot)

I’m going to be uploading the rest of the photos to Flickr over the course of the day, but I can’t write any sort of lengthy review of the trip or anything for another day or so because this is the last week of classes, so of course there are last-minute projects and other things […]

Yes, I broke my nose. No, I don’t look like someone beat me up.

I’ll write about the events leading up to this situation when I get to Saturday’s rundown of Boomershoot (which will have to wait until this evening). Some of you already know. Others are probably like, “Uh…how the hell did she do that?” Well, I didn’t do it entirely alone, but like I said – I’ll […]

Boomershoot 2009 – Epic Post #1 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Note to everyone: Photos that I took, from Nashville to Boomershoot and back, can be viewed on Flickr. They’re in the process of being uploaded, and it might take a while, because the files are huge. A lot of them were taken while either driving or flying, so yeah, they’re blurry. The ones from the […]

Before my Boomershoot updates – an announcement.

Dear People of the United States of America,

“Swine flu” is basically the same as the flu that you’re vaccinated for yearly (if you’re smart, which I never claimed to be). The only difference is that it comes from pigs. The CDC can’t even find a way to make it sound scary.

Stop being stupid.



I didn’t have internet access while in Orofino (nor cell phone access), so I was kind of cut off for a few days.

I’ll have highlights and some photos tomorrow, and detailed posts to follow.

Right now, though, I’m going to bed.


So Alan’s on his way to Boomershoot, and says that temperatures in the upper 50s are “cold” to him.

We’ve just started consistently getting temperatures in the 60s here (with intermittent rain), so…yeah. I’m pretty much in the weather conditions that are going to be present in Idaho. Which is weird, because I’m in Memphis.


I have A LIST! Naturally.

1 -Women, you have GOT to stop putting yourselves in situations where you could be drugged and abducted!

I just heard a story yesterday where a woman was out with a friend at a bar (this was after they’d wandered a while, and a larger group of their fellow friends had dropped off and gone […]