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Gun Blog Black List


Nothing on this blog should be taken as being representative of the views and policies of Banfield: The Pet Hospital.

Any advice or suggestions are from my personal experience from years as a pet owner, as well as from working in the field of pet health.

Banfield is not responsible for any outcome, good or […]

I’m back. With a list.

1. I managed to get Ambien from my doc last week when I went for my appointment. I’ve since realized two things. First, I’m horrified at what it takes to get me to sleep for 6 hours. Second, I really hope that I’m always around someone I trust while under the influence of Ambien – […]


Just have to post this before I finish packing and get going…

JB’s parents have a garden out in back of their house, and they’ve had a bumper-crop of purple-hulled peas this year. I brought some home with me last weekend, and cooked them up last night, along with some couscous, and stuck it in […]

Well, part of it went as planned, anyway.

Just as we were leaving for the doctor at around 7am, my stomach started hurting.

It hurt throughout the entire visit (where I successfully lobbied for Ambien – YESSSSS), it hurt while we were wandering around Wal-Mart waiting for the prescription to be filled, it hurt while we were driving through the bank to cash […]

I’ve decided what I want for my birthday.

I want to go to the dentist and have my teeth professionally cleaned.

No, really.

I haven’t been to the dentist in 9 years. While my teeth are in pretty good shape, my choice of uber-caffeinated drinks (that happen to be caramel-colored) haven’t been kind to the appearance of my teeth, particularly the canines and […]

My day.

I have to finish getting ready shortly, but here’s what my day is going to consist of, if things go as planned (of course, now they won’t, because I’ve indirectly requested that they do by writing that sentence here on my blog):

1. Doctor’s appointment at 8:30 to review meds and figure out what’s working […]

I won something!

Danny Evans over at “Dad Gone Mad” recently held a contest. The readers were to leave a comment regarding what they would do with two signed copies of his new book, “Rage Against the Meshugenah” – knowing that, obviously, they would be keeping one.

The winner would be chosen by a random number generator. Seriously, […]

Cats. Evil, evil creatures.

Dammit and Sophie had their follow-up visits today with the vet to receive their booster vaccinations.

On the drive up there, I was listening to Extraordinary Machine on low volume, just to have something to lessen my, um, awareness of the cacophony of cat noises coming from the carriers.

However, I couldn’t make myself completely […]

Examiners are everywhere.

I’m jumping on the Examiner train – I’ve applied to be a Pet Examiner for the city of Memphis.

Out of all of the available topics, I feel that animals and animal care are the ones that I have the most experience in, the greatest continued interest in, and the greatest chance of being able […]

Sometimes? My job really sucks.

I arrived at work at around 1:15pm on Saturday, and while I was signing in, I heard the vet giving instructions to the PetNurses, who were standing around solemnly. The part I walked in on sounded something like this:

“…okay, I’m going to be throwing puppies – I can’t hand them to you, because I […]