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Blessings, y’all. Lots of blessings.

I know people who go absolutely nuts while planning their weddings. Things go wrong, money gets tight, Bridezillas rear their ugly heads…you’re planning for an event that you’re supposed to only do once in your entire life, so there’s some pressure to make it awesome.

It hasn’t quite hit me, yet, but in less than […]

Long time, no squeak.

Getting back into the swing of things with school has been a little tough. I’m used to working evenings, so anything that happens before 1pm is basically during my brain’s normal “vegetate” time. It’s been very easy this summer to succumb to my insomnia and just stay up until 3am reading, and I’m trying to […]

I win.

97 words


It would have been 101, but I missed four words because Dammit tried to get me to pet him while I was typing. I’m afraid to take it again because I’ll probably get 70, which is more of a typical speed for me.

I got this from Uncle.


Sad news, and Examiner article updates.

Guinea Pig #2, Lucy, has passed away.

It was sudden and unnerving.

I wrote about the experience on to help stress the importance of paying attention to your guinea pig’s behavior and appearance in order to head off a potentially fatal circumstance.

There are also several other articles that have been published in the […]

Give a chick with cancer a break, y’all.

Re-posted from a friend’s blog:

Vote for Casey! This is taken from my friend Matt’s journal. All you have to do is go to the Victoria’s Secret site and vote for her. I think she’s beautiful and graceful with her cancer diagnosis, and deserves to be pampered by Victoria’s Secret. You can vote once a […]

A rare shot of my cat in the presence of live food.

Unfortunately, Dammit’s reflexes aren’t what they used to be, and he let the little bugger get away.

O GOD MY EYE (don’t read if you’re eating)

If there was absolutely nothing else interesting going on in my life, my left eye would provide a significant amount of entertainment and blog fodder.

Not that I’m writing a lot, anyway, but work with me here.

A couple of months ago, I was at work, and my eyelid itched, so I rubbed my finger […]

On drug-seeking “fibromyalgieurs”

Earlier today, CrankyProf posted about the disturbing trend of fibromyalgia as a diagnosis, and the resulting drug-binging that happens. (click through to Crass Pollination’s post – y’all, the comments are some funny stuff!)

I’ve been frequenting a lot of sites to try to find out what exercises would work best for fibro pain – I’ve […]

Newest Examiner Article is up!

Dogs and dog food – what to look for, and what to avoid.

Check it out here!

School. “Ugh” or “Yay”?

My final academic year of college begins on the 24th, so yesterday I decided to head to campus to take care of the things that were needed before that point.

Because classes start in a week, I expected there to be lines everywhere that I needed to be – the business office and bookstore, in […]