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Johari and Nohari windows – class assignment

Hey, y’all…here’s your chance to tell me what you think of me, in 5 or 6 adjectives.

Go here to select positive adjectives:

Go here to select negative adjectives:

I’ve already selected mine, and when you enter them, you should see which ones they were. It’ll show you how well your perceptions of […]

List o’News.

– Went to the doctor on Tuesday. I now have confirmation that it’s not all in my head – I really am gaining weight at an alarming clip, particularly considering how little my eating/exercise habits have changed in the past several months. I am under orders to eliminate as much stress as possible, because it […]

An open letter to a mall worker.

I had just come from Gap, where I’d actually been able to find a pair of jeans that I thought would fit me for longer than a couple of months, and was on my way to Macy’s to spend the gift card I’ve had since Christmas. That should tell you how often I go to […]

Things I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks.

1. Your gallbladder can pass stones without it hurting you. It can also pass stones that are painful enough to make you cry. Prescription antacids are apparently helpful for giving your body a chance to heal after one of these experiences.

2. TaB is Coke Zero with the aftertaste of Diet Coke. For some reason, […]

How did I forget how busy school is? (You’ve missed me, haven’t you?)

Week Three of my final year is drawing to a close, and while things haven’t gotten completely nuts yet, I know I’m going to be quite busy.

My internship, as I believe I’ve mentioned, is as a “learning facilitator” (for some reason, we’re not supposed to be called “teaching assistants”, even though that’s basically what […]

How to tell you’re an animal lover.

I read this article about the newest species of rat discovered in Papua New Guinea (it’s huge – there’s a photo at the link), and the first thought that ran through my head was, Awww…I want one!

All users deleted for the time being.

Because people have come up with some weird nicknames, and I’m not sure which ones are virus-related and which ones are actual people, I’ve deleted every other user on my blog except for, obviously, me.

I updated to the latest version of WordPress (you, should, too), and hopefully I’ve staved off the stupidity. I get […]

Michelle Duggar: balls of steel.

If you’d had so many children your uterus was in danger of rupturing, and you kept going, I would either think you were very stupid, or very brave, depending on your reasons and the results.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with Baby #19, and all I can think is that this is a direct challenge, from […]