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Like chopping off your hand to treat a splinter. Or something.

Blah blah blah, my periods are horrible, blah blah blah, pain, cramps, O GOD MY LIFE, blah blah blah.

I had to call my doctor on Wednesday for the above-referenced issue, because the Soma I was given to help me sleep, mixed with Pamprin, was doing two things for me: Jack and Shit.

After assuring […]


Nine Inch Nails did it first.

Johnny Cash did it better.

Have a pet? Want them to be included in the celebrations this Holiday season?

Read about good alternatives to “people food” for your pet this season in the Memphis Pets Examiner!


Proofreading = muy importante.

JB, as I believe I’ve mentioned, is a musician at his church. Playing piano and singing are two things he happens to be very good at, and so from time to time, he is asked to sing a feature song for an event.

Tonight is one of those times.

He was asked ahead of time […]

Proust Questionnaire

I saw this on some guy’s blog, and decided to answer these questions while waiting to go stuff myself full of calorie-ridden dead animals (nom nom nom).

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Never feeling bored.

What is your greatest fear? Never-ending pain. I get reprieves from it right now, but I know that’s […]

Two weeks of being married = not so different from NOT being married, akshualy.

Pls to be clicking on the thumbnails to see the full-sized versions of these photos.

I don’t remember much of the wedding. It was over very quickly. As far as I’m concerned, it was perfect.

Oleg was running late because of traffic, but he literally arrived JUST in time to get some preliminary shots and […]

Quickrant Activated.

There’s an anchor on Fox 13 that I can’t stand.

His name is Ernie Freeman.

He takes every opportunity he can to make snarky, totally unrelated comments on whatever story he’s presenting, and his opinion on almost every scenario that seems divisive? It’s “obviously” racist.

Basically, he’s a douchenozzle who fits the profile for the […]

I’ve been hacked.

Hey, y’all – keep an eye out for suspicious stuff on this here blog, plskthx? I would have had no idea I was hacked if it wasn’t for two people who apparently noticed a bunch of weird spam links which were only viewable with java turned off. Or something.

I had no clue. TD took […]