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Year in Review, and Blog Maintenance Stuff

First, the blog maintenance stuff.

You might have noticed that I’m trying a very (very) rudimentary “subscribe to comments” service. I’ve tested it quite a few times (in the goofiest way possible, using two laptops, my husband, and every email address I have at my disposal), and aside from the emailed alerts being fugly, it […]

Well, I’M never flying again.

Quite a few others have already written about the utter crap that has been decided in the wake of the dumbass who flew from Amsterdam to Detroit and set his crotch on fire while trying – somehow – to bring down the plane.

The fact that it was known that he was an unstable douchenozzle […]


So yeah, I’m totally updating my blog on my honeymoon. You’ll get over it.

We’re in Pigeon Forge, which I’ve been describing to people as “Redneck Vegas.” The “strip” at night is the tackiest thing ever. Don’t get me wrong – it’s fun, but it’s nearly seizure-inducing to have so many companies vying for your […]


First, let me say how awesome you all are. The comments to my Kids and Guns post have been amazing. I didn’t see anything condescending or insulting in them, and they were very informative as to the different ways people are able to keep their kids safe (to the best of their ability) while also […]


I have a doctor’s appointment today, with the one doctor that no (sane) woman enjoys visiting.

It’s not just a yearly checkup, so happy thoughts, k?

(Example of a happy thought would be as follows: no cancer or tumors of any type.)

I wish I had some Valium.

Also? This is the doctor who delivered […]

Caleb on Fox & Friends this morning

The first thing that struck me about the segment (here’s the link to the video on the Gun Nuts page) is that Caleb seemed very composed.

Not irrationally angry.

Not vengeful.

He very calmly outlined his points, and moved on.

Kudos, as well, for also pointing out that the Commercial Appeal website also lists names. […]

And therein lies the paradox – Guns, Kids, and Safety

A friend of mine lives with her family in the western part of Missouri, and she’s recently gotten her own website in order to blog – and she does, as prolifically as I did when I first started.

She posted today in response to a news story out of St. Louis, wherein a 7-year-old girl […]

You think a P3AT is a tough grip?

Try a Ruger .180.

el oh el

(HT Uncle)


(in all seriousness, the PS job on that page is ALMOST on the level of “awesome”, until you get to the palm shot – I give the effort a B+, because I lol’d.)

Late to the party.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I’m liable to become a fan of any type of music, and of nearly any artist that I hear.

There are rap songs that I detest, and there are others that I know all of the words to (and which I sought to […]

Angus the Buttnugget

JB’s family has had Angus, their Scottish terrier, for nearly 7 years.

When I first met him, I was still almost completely on the “dogs are so irritating” side of things, and promptly nicknamed him The Turd. I mean, he’s got a long body, a huge head, and little legs. He looks like a turd […]