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Sorry – no update for a bit.

I had planned to write about the gun range decision in more detail (along with speculation, a supposed case of fraud on the part of the guy representing the would-be builder, etc.), but I got home late last night, and today has been really…um…well, it’s kind of sucked.

I’m having trouble typing because of some […]

Short update on the gun range.

There was a motion to deny the building of the gun range based on the decibel level, which has to be less than 75db at the property line.

There are better reasons to deny the property owner’s request, but the commission didn’t want to list the most common-sense reason first, because this is going to […]

“Something has to do with guns, and YOU’RE against it? Must be really bad!”

Relatively-speaking, a “neighborhood” in this part of the state can include quite a large bit of land.

The closest houses might have a 1/2-mile between them in some areas, and in others, you can toss a rock through your neighbor’s window without a whole lot of effort.

Not that I recommend it.

Anyway, in an […]

It’s too easy.

It’s too easy for me to disagree with so many people.

Am I thinking too much?

Not enough?

Is it critical thinking, or am I just thinking critically?

I have an answer for my opinions. I am kind of forceful when I’m stating them. I do not wish for no competition – engagement when you […]

Damn my morals.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m cutting down on posting sensitive information about family members, or the people they’re involved with, on here, I would have a damned good rant.

If you’re reading this (and you know who you are), you kind of don’t want to piss me off. That’s not a threat, […]

Here’s today’s post title.

Here’s some content.


Seriously, there’s a lot going on over here in my little corner of the world. It includes the death of family friends, the continued skin freak-out from the water in Gatlinburg (y’all, it’s bad), some inter-family drama, and the continued battle against sleeplessness.

If I had a funny story for you […]

The stuff that’s caught my attention lately, in no particular order.

-Dennis Hopper is dying, and in an attempt to keep his will from being contested after his death, he’s filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 14 years from his deathbed – like, literally. That is some sad, sad stuff right there.

-Speaking of sad stuff, Haitians have moved from “rescue” to “recovery” after […]

A note on this blog.

I just wrote a really long post explaining what’s been going on with me, and how my attempts at Project 365 have already failed because I feel like shit, and blahblahblah. Then I deleted it, because OH MY GOD, I talk a lot.

The point was to say that this blog is probably going to […]


I don’t understand what happens to my formatting to suddenly cause my blog to NOT want to double-space when I hit “enter” while typing an entry.

It will do this to individual entries, and nothing I can do (within my admittedly narrow field of knowledge on coding and stuff) will fix it.

Like that last […]

OH in class yesterday

(background: one of my professors has us answer a random question that we pick out of an envelope, in order to make introductions to the rest of the class interesting. this exchange begins with one of those questions.)

Random Student 1: “What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them?” Hm. […]