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Well, there’s one question answered.

The weird anxiety-laden terror-filled pseudo-seizures I had in my limbs last night? Where I felt like I had to get up when I was lying down, but as soon as I started pacing, I felt like I just needed to go back to bed? Apparently that’s called Akathisia.

It’s a side-effect of some anti-depressants (mainly […]

**UPDATED WITH MORE CONFUSING CRAP** Thinking out loud. Feel free to respond and clarify anything you know something about.

Thyroid babbles ahead.

Okay, so my TSH level is actually really, really low. It’s 1.790. I keep hearing/seeing people say, “My TSH was really high (like, 128 or higher…note the lack of a decimal), so they just knew it was hypothyroid and started me on synthroid.”

That seemed a little counter-intuitive to me (because, obviously, […]

Blogroll stuff

The problem with not keeping up with your blogroll regularly is that when you finally take the time to try to edit it, everything’s so gunked up that you want to just throw your hands up in the air and say, “FUCK IT I DON’T NEED A BLOG ROLL RAWR!”

So, um, if you’ve been […]


Crisis averted, in terms of MiL drama.

JB has taken the car to have tires put on. (ETA: He just called to say they’d be done at 1:30 – woo!)

After that’s done, he and I are going to go pick up my medical records from my doctor’s office.

THEN we’re going to PetSmart to […]


Today started out awesome.

At 11am, I took my 2002 Ford Focus ZX5, which I am no longer able to drive because of the manual transmission and the bucket seats, to a dealer here in town.

I traded, flat-out, for a 1993 Mercedes 300E sedan, and it’s getting brand new tires put on it Friday.


Cluck-n-Neigh Farms and good times.

Today, JB and I went to visit Michael and Claire (of the newly-minted Cluck-n-Neigh Farms…say it out loud quickly…if you don’t laugh, I’m not sure I want to know you any more).

Oh, my goodness, y’all. We had such a good time. I got a dozen eggs, donated to the cause (visit Claire’s link – […]


So first, to my anonymous fans commenting behind passive-aggressive nicknames and fake email addresses, I’m not crazy. Depressed? Yes. Prone to rants? Definitely. Crazy? Notsomuch. Crazy people generally aren’t as lucid as I am, and I am (unfortunately) lucid enough to be able to read your comments and note the horrifying grammatical errors interspersed throughout […]

Uh…so I should probably update, before someone thinks I’ve died.

Anthony over at The Liberty Sphere linked to my previous post, and I was like, “ACK! Why’d he link to THAT!?” Then I thought about it, and hell…that’s ME. That’s my life. So why not?

However, things have changed just a teensy bit since that post, so I figure I should make some sort of […]

Naturally, I’m up at 2:30 in the morning.

I’m about to make a list that will probably horrify some of you, but THIS is the extent to which I have insomnia – here are the things I’ve taken tonight. I’m not wide awake, but I’m “end of day” tired, instead of “go to sleep” tired. This will give you some idea as to […]


You would not believe your eyes

if ten million fireflies

lit up the world as I fell asleep.

They’d fill the open air

and leave teardrops everywhere;

you might think me rude

but I would just stand there

and stare.

I’d like to make myself believe that Planet Earth turns slowly.

It’s hard to say […]