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English is a dastardly language, no?

I am taking a forensic anthropology class, and since I missed Thursday’s class due to all of the cardiology activity going on that day, I had to stay late last night to make up a lab worksheet on the bones/plates that make up the skull.

While JB and I were driving back to Covington, we […]

Overheard in the bedroom.

Michelle Obama PSA: “The images from Haiti are heartbreaking.”

JB, to television: “Yeah? So’s your face.”

Allow me to point something out to some of you.

I can’t count the number of people who are being just absolute assholes about the ObamaCare situation right now.

It’s mostly those who count themselves as liberal or “progressive,” which is unfortunate for several reasons. The general tone of voice is, “The world didn’t end, conservatives! How do you like us NOW, bitches?”

Seriously. The […]

The plot thickens…then turns into a pile of crap. Like a James Cameron movie.

I just realized how long it’d been since I’ve updated. Or, more accurately, what all has happened since I last updated.

I made my last entry after having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night.

Let me explain.

No…there’s no time.

Let me sum up.


I bought that gym membership, and went in […]

I just have to say…

…I love my husband. He’s my love, my life, my support, and my best friend.

Just had to say it. Because it’s true. :-)

Commenting Kerfluffle

I’m not getting comments emailed to me (again), so if you’ve commented and are wondering why I haven’t answered, it’s because I don’t come to my own website every day to check on things. If I don’t get something emailed to me, I’m liable to forget it’s there, so when I don’t get emailed comments, […]

Oh, my god, you guys.

I am in a “Survey of Exceptional Learners” class right now (it’s basically “hai, look, here r sum disabilities! write a paper!”), and…

There’s really no way I can be P.C. about what I’m about to say.

Some of the people who are taking this course (in the MAT program…it’s a combined course, I’m […]

Pet peeve! Yay!


Yeah, I think it’s funny that cities with low Brady scores seem to have lower violent crime rates.

It’s just an illusion.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say.

Carry on.

Bloodwork update.

The bloodwork my GP did was completely different than the bloodwork my OB-GYN did.

I’m going to see my gyno on Thursday morning, and I’m taking the new work with me so that he can explain WTF is going on.

My thyroid levels are two different things on the tests, so that’s no help.

My […]

Been a touch busy.

I went to spend the night at my best friend’s house last Saturday, because her twin girls and husband were at her in-law’s house (MiL, specifically). We had some drinks, watched some silly movies, and generally had a great time just being around each other. It’d been MONTHS.

I get home, and people are acting…odd.