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Gun Blog Black List

When I feel like crap, I go back in time.

I read this post, listen to the recording, and read the comments.

I still cringe at the quality of that recording, but it makes me happy to see that several folks enjoyed it.

My bucket list includes recording a demo of some sort. I’ve announced the decision on Facebook, but what’s that, right? So I’m […]

A final kick in the ass.

I’m hard-pressed to say whether the past four years of school have been worth anything. Not just worth anything to me – but worth anything at all.

I’m in a mountain of debt (over $100,000, plus interest), because I’m literally the “wrong color” to receive financial help at this school outside of loans and the […]

Guess what I did in class today?

Aside from doing dog training in one of my classes (operant conditioning principles, basically), Forensic Anthropology is pretty much the most interesting thing happening for me as far as school goes right now.

Tonight we studied blunt force trauma.

In order to be able to easily learn what BFT looks like on bones, we smacked […]

A couple of notes.

1. I consider myself an excellent judge of character. It took a lot of mistakes to get me to this point.

2. I do not like to make assumptions about people, thus I am still inclined to get into uncomfortable situations by ignoring my gut.

3. Twitter has ruined my have-a-crush-on-celebrity phase, as well as […]

Go offer your emotional support and encouragement.

Danno of SandCastle Scrolls is dealing with a situation that every pet owner dreads: the demise in health of his cat, Princess.

Princess is suffering from upwards of 10 seizures per day (full-on, total body, thrashing with loss of muscle control), and anti-epileptic medication has not toned down the severity, nor the number, of the […]

WTF, Poland? YGTBKM.

In case you haven’t heard, pretty much the entire government and military leadership of Poland was killed when their plane crashed during a landing that was ill-advised.

They were on their way to a memorial service.

I don’t want to be extremely cold-hearted here, but SERIOUSLY?

This doesn’t seem real. In what universe did it […]

What can I say?

Sorry for the recent silence.

I’ve hit a rough patch, and haven’t felt like doing much writing outside of abusing Twitter and Facebook.

The mother of one of my childhood friends was killed in a car accident on Easter Sunday, and I just found out this morning. I don’t know what else to say about […]