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Tactical Pants!

Via email from Jeanette, we have The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Pants.

Essentially, this is a list/chart of the top eight brands/types of tactical pants out there, with a list of specs and prices. There are variations of each type of pant, as well.



Y’all, moments like the one Alan had at the NRA Convention in Charlotte this past weekend are the reason why I’m upset I couldn’t make it.

You may be asking yourself what this is proof of…well, ladies and gentlemen, he’s clearly breaking the “booger-hook-bang-switch” rule, and he’s positively orgasmic about it. Obviously, PSH-mongers must be […]

Also, as of Friday, I’m a college graduate.

I graduated with my BA in Psychology.

JB graduated with his MA in Teaching.

edumacations: we has dem

Now we just have to find gainful employment, and we’re all set.

Donation button and company changes.

If you look at the left sidebar, there are now two donation buttons.

Because I know a lot of people are hesitant to use PayPal (because of their decidedly anti-gun attitude), I decided to sign up for a GPal account to be used exclusively for donations for flood relief.

I’ve still got PayPal, because I […]

Donations being accepted for Millington and Tipton County flood victims

I know the situation in Nashville sucks right now, but Tipton County and Millington are just as bad, if not worse, because of tornado damage…and we’re not getting a lot of TV time, because, as a friend put it, the Opry Mills mall and Opryland hotel are “sexier” news than a bunch of farmland and […]

Well, that was fun.

The past couple of days have been ridiculous.

Tipton County has been declared to be in a state of emergency, and there are very few ways left to get in and out of the county.

A road has collapsed just down the street from our house, due to a couple of culverts giving way.

The […]

The job search continues in a new direction.

I have my degree in psychology, but English and literature are two exceedingly dorky subjects I also love.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve tried too many times to start a book, and I keep getting stuck in the same place. Charts, graphs, lists…none of the tricks work. I just have to […]

Redneck in the literal sense.

I went over to Cluck-n-Neigh with JB this morning to help out with some springtime farm chores, since the to-do list over there has gotten ridiculous.

I wore my Timberland boots, a pair of jeans that needed to be washed, anyway, an undershirt, tee shirt, button-down work shirt, and had my hair up underneath a […]