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Upgrades, update, up…chuck?

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0. Let me know if you see any screw-ups with either my site or your feedreader.


Got my diploma in the mail today. So it’s official – I’m a college graduate.

The diploma paper kind of makes me laugh. It’s like tissue paper that’s been made into cardstock, with the texture […]

Generational Disputes


Go on.

Follow the links, too. Read all that.



It’s all well and good to tell people that college is their way into the high life, but unless you instill a sense of pride in your kids, it’s not going to matter where they go or what they do – they’re […]

Was it REALLY that bad?

This post, I mean.

I’d appreciate it if y’all would read and offer comments and opinions.

This doesn’t change my opinion of FPS games.

As you’ve no doubt already read over at Breda‘s, there’s a new video game out that encourages women to take out their aggression on cat-calling “misogynists” by shooting them with machine guns. It’s called, “Hey, Baby.”

Some gal who apparently likes to be thought of as a sexy little gamer (see her blog header, and […]

Renewed my domain and whatnot.

What this means, basically, is that I have 12 more months to try to get back into a groove again.


I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down for an extended period and blog, and since so much has been happening lately, I don’t really have time to write a huge blog post.

I also haven’t had time to read, and I’ve missed nearly 1400 posts by this point, so I’m cutting my […]