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Birthday Alert!

My birthday is coming up on August 9.

Good wishes are always appreciated.

As are tips. Tips are good.

If you feel like getting me anything, I still have a pretty large registry at various locations.

Or, you know…tips. They keep this site going, so if you enjoy reading, and would like to wish me […]

Did you miss last night’s podcast?

If so, you missed out on a good time. We had our first international caller (who happened to be a member of Zombie Squad, so it was like a bonus interviewee), and Michael gave some great tips for short-term survival.

Listen to it here! Also available on iTunes!

(Breda and I both got a little […]

New possibilities for Blog Meet, thanks to Michael!

In the here-you-see-it-now-you-don’t post I published a few hours ago, I lamented the heat and its ability to force me to try to have the blog meet at another time, like in the fall.

If you’re up for the original date possibilities (August 21 and 28), let me know.

If you’d prefer a later date, […]

Um, about that blog meet…

We’ve been having days where the heat index is over 105*F, and since some of our seating would have to be outside, I don’t feel it would be responsible of me to invite people over just to fry on my patio (in old-fashioned metal chairs…ick).

So…how about October? It’ll be quite a bit cooler then, […]

Zombies! Disaster! B, B & Guns TONIGHT

Hey y’all!

Don’t forget to tune in at 7pm EST/6pm CST for our show, Zombie Squad: Disaster Preparedness. Michael will be calling in to offer advice on survival when times get rough (such as during Hurricane Katrina, and the recent 100 Years Flood here in Tennessee).

Join Breda and me and learn some basic survival […]

The world may never know.

I especially like the part that reads, “Bonnie Weakens to Low Pressure.” It’s like high school all over again.

Although…I caused more damage in high school than I apparently have this time around…oil spill notwithstanding.

Next week’s show (check the sidebar!)

There’s a new link that will take you directly to the B, B, & Guns Blog Talk Radio page, where you can tune in every Thursday night at 7pm EST to hear Breda and myself (and our callers, of course).

Thanks to everyone who made last night’s show a success! I had fun, and I’m […]

B, B & Guns – Blog Talk Radio – Premiere in One Week

Breda and I have decided to team up on a show (“Finally!”, I can hear some of you saying), which will premiere one week from today.

B, B & Guns

Thursday, July 22, 2010

6pm Eastern/5pm Central

60 minutes of introductions, lots of topics, and hopefully plenty of call-ins and conversation in the chat room!


I feel like I should say something about Top Shot.

…I mean, seeing as how I was the first person in the gunnie community that Caleb basically railroaded, I don’t have a great relationship with the guy, nor do I particularly give a shit whether he finds success or failure in his life. I’ve told him openly that I pity his wife (who seemed like […]


We’re nearly completely moved in (if not settled in…that will take another week or so), and it’s just hitting me that I am in my own house, with a hubby. I don’t have to compete for space. We have an office/guest room that’s separate from our bedroom, so if I want to work all night […]