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No one thing to create a whole post with…

…but I have to write SOMEthing in here, right?

My left ring finger is infected again. Now it’s the left side of the nail, rather than the right. I can’t blame poor circulation, because my fingers have been too large for me to wear my wedding set for several months. I haven’t bitten my fingernails […]

Southern Blogathon SCHEDULED

What: Southern Blogathon Shoot-em-up Potluck

Where: 927 Bringle Road, Covington, TN 38019

When: Saturday, October 23, 2010. 11am – ?


This will be a potluck, so please bring a dish to share. If you want to bring alcoholic drinks, then you’re more than […]

BRB, y’all

I’m out of town this week, with shoddy internet access, so I’ll catch you guys when I return.


…and then there are the days like this.

Most days, I can get up and function pretty well around 11am.

This is, of course, after not being able to fall asleep until well after 2am.

Last night, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until after 3am.

I woke up around 9am because the postman knocked on the door (Avon calling…), and got up […]

On self-defense, particularly for women.

On tonight’s show, things got serious, and I shared something about myself that will probably reach many more people than it did here on my blog when I wrote about it.

I know I’ve gained some new readers in the past year, and there are some who were shocked/surprised at what I revealed. Others may […]

New Shoes

I ordered a pair of these shoes last week (photo is linked to product page):

I received them yesterday.

Some initial notes, since I haven’t actually worn them out anywhere, yet, but have instead aimlessly wandered around my very small house in them for a short period of time:

I have very long toes. […]

Tonight on B, B & Guns – NE Bloggershoot with JayG and Lissa!

Be sure to tune in tonight at 7pm EST to hear Breda and me talk to JayG and Lissa about not only the AWESOME that is the NE Bloggershoot, but also to hear about Lissa’s transformation from “guns go bang?” to “wanna borrow my pistol?” – it’s pretty damned inspiring.

See you all there!

Sponsor Link in Sidebar

Check the left sidebar, y’all.

Sportsman’s Guide asked me to post a link to their ammunition page.

I’m definitely no stranger to this sort of thing, and I like Sportsman’s Guide. So there you go.

If you’re interested in finding good ammo at a reasonable price, they’re a good option.


(FTC disclaimer: Take a […]

Yay! It’s my birthday!

Even though I’m turning 27, I still have just enough excitement about my birthdays left in me that I wake up really early and can’t get back to sleep.

It’s not like there’s anything waiting for me, like on Christmas. Incidentally, I can sleep late on Christmas morning. Discuss amongst yourselves.

On Saturday, my local […]

Tonight’s show – and other stuff!

Tonight on B, B & Guns, Breda will be interviewing Ambulance Driver. It’s our first Blogger Spotlight, and we’re both very excited about it, so please tune in!

I will unfortunately not be participating in tonight’s show, because my voice has decided to take a half-assed vacation, and I can no more interview someone than […]