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Go read Lissa.

She emailed me yesterday to make sure that I was okay with her linking to my blog for a post she’d been thinking about.

Here it is.

Needless to say, I’m just fine with the links.

Life comes at you fast…

…and Allstate isn’t exactly the solution to everything.

Things have been a little rough around here as of late.

I’m still working on the GPal thing, and actually have a few people who have the same idea (to create an informative web site so others aren’t affected until GPal can get their shit straight), and […]

I’m a human cat prop.

When I’m at home, I like to lounge in my big, squishy, green leather chair. The back is so low that I slouch quite a bit.

Because of my recently-acquired higher instance of body fat (and my huge boobs), the cats like to use me as a bed.

Sophie, in particular, likes to use me […]


Dammit’s doing fine.

He’s got one toe that’s massively shorter than all the others, and he had a little trouble with keeping his food down early yesterday, but overall he’s doing very well.

He’s a little touchy about his feet, though, so I can’t get a good photo to post here.

Thanks again to everyone […]

GPal is becoming a massive problem. Let’s make them pay.

Sailorcurt has the details.

I’ve “only” lost around $60 from their shady business practices, but when you’re unemployed, $60 is a car insurance payment. Or a week’s worth of groceries. Or 2 months’ worth of gas for your car. Or a doctor’s visit.

In addendum to what Curt is proposing, I’m going to hit up […]

Day 2 – Your First Love

I’m assuming this is talking about returned love, so I’ll skip all of my crushes and whatnot.

My first love began when I was 17.

I was a senior in high school, and had a friend at a neighboring high school that I was always in honor band with; her name is Mona, and we’re […]

Day One – Introduce Yourself

Due to the drama with Dammit and some other stuff that’s been going on, I failed to begin this meme on time. Oh, well, at least I got a late start rather than just giving up halfway through, right?

My name is Bonnie (27), I was born in Jackson, TN. I’m the youngest of three […]

Update on Dammit – mostly in terms of donations, though.

Thanks to those who’ve already sent in donations – I won’t call you out unless you want me to, since this is a more public forum than my Facebook.

So far, $70 has been contributed to the “help Dammit’s foot not succumb to gangrene” fund, leaving the bill for us at approximately $120.

That’s MUCH […]

Around $190 for a single declaw.

I was correct in my assessment of Dammit’s situation. This injury was older than I’d realized, and so the claw was attempting to grow back , resulting in more bleeding and discomfort for him.

I got to the vet and asked what he thought, and he said was I’d kind of figured he’d say…that Dammit’s […]

Bleg – Emergency Pet Care

Dammit has pulled one of his claws clean out of the socket. He’s bleeding all over me, and while I’m trying to keep it clean, he’s obviously going to need a visit to the vet.

In order to get it looked at ASAP, I need to take him to the emergency vet in Memphis tomorrow…the […]