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Wedding parody #2

This is to the tune of “God Only Knows”, as sung by Brian Wilson. This was the last song played at the wedding, when folks were milling around and hugging. I still love the original.

You said, “I’ll always love you,

As long as there are stars above you.”

Your eyes, now they seem to […]

Parodies – good for the soul, I suppose.

I had several songs that were played at my wedding to Wasband, and they all meant a lot to me.

I hated it that those songs were associated with him, so I started singing different lyrics to the same music.

This is the first one I’ve written down (to the tune of “Zing! Went the […]

Thank You, Number Two (nyerk, nyerk)

Thank You Video Number One (Yes, this is me, talking.)

I had to take a Valium to do this. THAT’S how much I love you guys. Or Valium. Whichever. Anyway, here’s the video:

(Note: I meant to say that I never check MYSPACE…clearly, I’m all over Facebook.)



That’s how I’m now referring to JB, and people find it funny, so I might as well make it official on this here blog.

He WAS my husBAND, so he is now my WASBAND.

It’ll be capitalized or not, depending on how I feel about him at the moment.

On Saturday night, I emailed Wasband […]

Gpal is smoking a giant pole.

So, let me get this straight…

You just sent out an email earlier saying that you’re not finished fixing the problems that were occurring, but that you were on the way, and thanks for [our] patience. You even told the sob story of the 9 evil banks who led you around the world (I’m not […]

This guy is my new personal hero. The TSA can go eat a bag of dicks.


Remember: when you say nothing, you’re giving permission for this to take place.

Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite…

Really for the benefit of my now-ending marriage, I will not be saying anything except the truth and my perception of that truth. JB, I know you read this blog. Trust me when I say that everything I write in here is MY truth at the time. If the situation changes, I will usually edit […]

Doctor and life update: wooooooooo.

Because I only have a couple of months left of support from JB regarding my health expenses, I made a doctor’s appointment to see if I could get them to give me some extended prescriptions to keep me from having to come in unless I absolutely have to.

In the process, I actually ended up […]

Divorce Update: Sorry for the Memory Hole treatment.

JB and I met up on Saturday to discuss terms for an uncontested divorce, which is the quickest and easiest way for us to get divorced…not to mention, it’s the least expensive.

Even though the state of Tennessee could give two shits about a couple who divorces after less than a year of marriage, JB […]