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Car tetris.

So I drove from Covington to Collierville today, after 3 days of strenuous packing (including moving a 400-lb sleeper loveseat from one end of the house to the other, while having to climb all over it to maneuver it), and put the most important stuff in my car for the trip back.

I learned to […]

Radio Silence

Not that I post a lot, anyway, but just to let you know, if you miss me on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else, I’m going back to The House of Horrors (THoH) to pack up more of my stuff to bring here to my dad’s house. I will be absent from teh intarwebs from this […]

Song Parodies for Donations!

Okay, intarwebs, listen up.

I need money. The whole world needs to laugh.

Give me any song, the subject you want for the parody, and I’ll do it for you.

All I ask for in return is a small donation to help me through things right now (button to the left, usable any time, still […]

Uh, hi.

So, I totally intended to write a long post about everything that’s been going on and whatnot, blahblahblah, but my battery in my car has died (I could kill the person who wired the non-stock radio directly to the damned power system, so it NEVER TURNS OFF), I found out today that I didn’t get […]